Having trouble deciding which stick to get


Lets just ignore the fact that the madcatz TE is very difficult to get for the time being. if i want the best stick i can get should i get a madcatz or get a custom stick from a company like arcade in a box? If i go with a custom stick what parts are best? i know sanwa is suppose to make the best buttons as they have a good reaction time. What about restrictor plates? Should i go with a 4 way or an oct gate?

in short i’m willing to spend anywhere from 150-250 and would like to know how to get the best stick for my money. Sorry to sound so noobish but they only decent stick i have ever had is a mas besides that it’s been all pads


Custom is a better option, since you will get a stick built exactly to your specifications, both in terms of parts used and aesthetics.

Square versus octo gate is a personal preference. Do a search and you will find plenty of discussion about the pros and cons of each.

Arcade-in-a-Box is a good choice, as are many others like Finkle, Byrdo, Katrym, Electric Trouble, etc. I am waiting on an order from Arcade-in-a-Box myself, and am excited. If you have a question on any of the specific builder, post a question on the dedicated thread for each, rather than start a new post, which will likely be frowned upon.

Keep in mind, everyone - EVERYONE - from parts suppliers to custom and commercial stick makers - are slammed by the huge demand for sticks. Whatever you ultimately decide to purchase, expect a wait.


Wait indeed. I took the building my own route, and waiting for the parts to ship is killing me =D Got my pcb all wired and the materials for the box hanging out for the parts.