Having trouble differentiating inputs with square gate


Quick intro/disclaimer: other than random attempts at SF2 with the non-2D friendly XBox 360 controller and screwing around on the DC version of MVC2, I had virtually no prior fighting game experience to SF4, which Steam tells me I’ve only spent 37 hours on.

Now that that’s out of the way, today I just got my first arcade stick in the mail- the Hori Fighting Stick Mini 3. Yes, I know, it’s not moddable and is less than half the size of your $150 behemoths, but I’m short on cash and Amazon had it for $32. Anyways, as I expected- and as the SRK FAQ says- it seems to be taking me a little while to get used to. I’m not doing nearly as well as I was on my SNES controller, but I don’t think it’s all just undoing and redoing muscle memory. I can’t seem to figure out what does and doesn’t count as a direct left or right input- most of the time when I try training mode and turn on view button inputs, I seem to be pressing the attack button while still on down-forward or down-backwards when trying to pull off QCF/QCB specials and on right/left while trying to pull off… not sure what it’s called, the diagonal half circle used in Fei Long’s chicken wing. I’m fairly certain it’s because of the square gate my stick uses, does anyone have any tips as to how to accurately point in the side directions on a square gate?


Practice. Practice. Practice. It’s all about feel. When newer players come to stick you can get a feel of where things are by “riding” the gate. So basically go up and right fully until you hit the corner of the square that way you know your jumping forward. Once you get used to the stick you can control your moves a little bit and do the same motions but not got as far to hit the gate and still get your input. I’ve used the cheap HORI’s and they are okay. Learn on that then invest in a stick with a JLF (Madcatz has them for $100 brand new online) and it will be like learning to ride a huffy then getting to use a Mongoose. It won’t make you tons better but you can definitely feel a difference coming from a cheap joystick.