Having trouble doing dash U1



I tried holding < then >, >, <, > but it seems almost impossible to do the last 2 < > during the dash forward. Is there a trick people used when doing this?


Well, you don’t have to do it incredibly fast. You can try to do it a bit slower. Pretty much after the dash I just go back and forward quickly and I can try and delay my input for :3k: or press it at the same time with forward. Try doing it at a pace your comfortable with in Training mode, it takes some practice to get it down. A tip I have for if you’re using a stick is to move your palm down more from the stick so its more comfortable to press left and right.


I believe OneHandedTerror’s youtube channel has a video on how to execute dash ultra.

Try to time it so that you press your 3 kicks once Chun’s legs land from her forward dash.


In terms of learning it, this method worked for me. In practice, you could try hiding it behind a focus attack first (b + mp + mk). Then cancel the focus normally to f, f and then do the second sonic boom input for the Ultra. Once you’re comfortable with that, you can start doing the first (charged) part without the focus.

The OHT vid, for quick reference- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxI3YtYgK6M

And a couple from the tut vid account I’ve been using lately



It’s all about the timing, hitting the last 2 inputs while shes mid dash is the key.

I seem to have trouble doing it from a crouching position. For some reason I have trouble getting the initial dash out, I’ve lost so many games because of it.

  1. You dont have to do it that fast (this is something I have only recently begun to accept)
  2. Make SURE you get the dash animation out consistently
  3. due to the shortcuts, you can actually do the <> on the gate, on the bottom.


like everybody said its key to do it in mid dash if u do it 2 fast 3 things could happen a hanzshu comes out nothing comes out or she just dashes 4wards try & do it slowly it takes sometime 2 fully land it alot but i’ve been pretty good nailing it since i started yesterday


Yup, that’s what I noticed too. An EX Hazanshu is a sure-fire sign that I botched U1/dash U1. :xeye: