Having trouble doing my SUPER

I have no idea what the hell has come over me tonight, but I cannot for the life of me pull off my super.

Is it a sign that I need to stop playing so much SF or what? For real though, I’ve even gone into training mode, and I still can’t pull it off. I feel like a noob!

maybe ur jus not chargin enough, if u use a charge character that is

Trust me, I’m charging enough. I’ve played long enough to know how long to charge. Doesn’t matter how long I charge it, I could charge for 30 seconds, I still cant seem to do it.

Uh yeah, you should stop playing.


i think you have to rest a little, maybe your fingers are a little tired, i dunno, sometimes it happens to me, when my fingers and my hands are tired, everything is a mess with Ken, Honda, Ryu and my entire lineup.

I’m having trouble doing sonic booms, can someone help me also?

Sure Tecmo, i’ll show how to execute it, you have to ?, ?, ?, and then punch and then you have to scream SOOOOOOOOOOOONIC BOOOOOM…

Oops, i guess Guile will miss that, that’s a Hadouken, well at least now you know how to fireball, you better pick up a shoto player next time and forget about that Guile.

That’s the end of my tutorial.

LMAO :rofl:

alrite guys i dont know how we could help you guys. jus practice.

LoL @ philcito

i forgot how to block

if you cant do rog’s super… your in huuuge trouble. BTW.

Charge Back down to up Back - keep back charged. Land from Headbutt… then super. You will wreck online scrubs all day.

If your charging down to up your failing.

No super and no buffalo headbutt? Wow. Props to killing with a few moves. You still using a pad? Super is great in getting out of situations. Try training mode. You can pull a nice 9 hit combo using super with rog.

Alright guys, not sure what it is, but I’m back to doin my super like a pro.

There were a few commenters in this thread who made it seem like I’ve never played with Balrog before. Trust me, I have thousands of matches under my belt with Rog. It was just a weird anomaly that I couldn’t do it for a few days.

Kinda like Rick Ankiel a few years back with the Cardinals. He was a dominant pitcher his rookie year, and then the playoffs came around, and the dude just couldn’t throw the ball over the plate anymore.

Oh, and djmassif, I am still using a pad :0 I’ve gotten a little better at using the headbutt, but I’m nowhere near an expert at using it. That’s OK though, I’ve learned to win without using it. A constant charge on my TAP is usually good enough :slight_smile: Nothing feels better than nailing someone with a TAP charged to 7 (or FINAL if the match is long enough :slight_smile: )