Having trouble FADC'ing into ultras

Hey guys

So I thought I’d try playing Ken for a while, and I was going through some of his FADC combo’s when I came to his FADC xx dash xx ultra 2 combo. This is a similar problem I had when I was playing with Yang as well, from his mantis slashes xx fadc xx dash xx ultra combo. I’m using a stick also.

Is there some sort of trick to this? Do I just need to keep practicing these motions or is there a shortcut I can take in the actions somewhere?

Thanks guys.

Break it into parts, like any combo. Look at it like steps. First learn to cancel into focus attack. Then practice dash cancelling out of a focus attack. Last, learn how to perform the ultra motion during the dash animation and put it all together.

What comes out when you mess up?

It’s usually just the ultra that I mess up on. It’s not that something else comes out, but I just don’t see how I can get out a fadc into dash into ultra so quickly. It’s usually the ultra part though that I can’t get out in time. I think it’s really just going to be a matter of practice so I’ll just keep trying it.

You don’t cancel the dash, you let the dash finish and then ultra. The most important thing is to dash out quickly, then take your time doing the ultra. Hold down the focus buttons as you dash so you don’t whiff focus. If you get EX SRK you need to exaggerate the ultra motion and delay the button presses for the ultra.

Break it down:

]Focus cancel - hit :mp: and :mk:
[]Dash out while holding :mp: and :mk:
]Do the ultra motion more slowly than you might think.[/list]

This doesn’t work for Seth or Oni as well but for Ryu it’s fine.

Awesome thanks man! I’ll give it a try right now.

You should probably read the stickies. More or less that exact breakdown was already posted: