Having trouble fighting online (TTT2)


So I’ve been playing TTT2 for about six months now, and it feels like the online mode is very tough for me to play. I can play arcade mode and ghost battle just fine even on ultra hard difficulty, but when i fight online its hard for me to do stuff in the game as im constantly getting bodied and comboded on by other people. Any ways to overcome playing online, or to just keep practicing? I also feel why I’m losing is because I’m so late on the game lol, but I’m trying to do whatever I can to get better.
p.s. I am very new to this site btw.


You’re playing a four year old fighting game. Everyone who’s still playing it is pretty damn good at it. you’ll need quite a bit of practice to catch up to them. it might help your morale if you can find friends to play with.


Do not play the cpu
If so then put in on ultra easy to promote hitting, confirming combos on a moving target
Other than that training mode is your best friend. Where you should be constantly practicing movement techniques such as Korean back dashing

Record for practice on the moves you most get hit by so that you can punish accordingly.