Having trouble finding diagonals, round gate Seimitsu LS32

So I picked up a HRAP EX-SE used, and I love it. Only problem is, I main Gief, and I just don’t like the square gate. I did give it some time, but I just don’t think it’s for me. So played it without a gate for a while, and was loving it, but I saw that the metal mounting plate (which was now the “round gate”) was chewing up the actuator, so I stopped doing that, and ordered a proper round gate from Lizardlick (who are awesome, btw). Now SPDs and RBGs are silky smooth again, and my stick is not destroying itself, but I’m having a hard time finding the diagonals at times.

I have read Slagcoin’s great comparison of the various restrictors [1], and I understand the advantages the square gate has. But let’s assume for the sake of argument that I’m going to ride the gate on circles and half-circles, and that’s just how it’s gonna be. What can I do, if anything, to make the diagonals easier to hit reliably? I’ve considered hollowing out the gate a bit, making the hole a bit larger. I could either do it uniformly, resulting in a bigger circle, or hollow out the diagonals a bit, making a very rounded square, maybe a compromise between square and round gates. Has anyone tried this, or another solution?

I’ve got to do something–getting just back (or even worse, just down) when I want down-back, is not cool.

[1] http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/restrictors.html

I’m not sure that anyone will be able to help you, as it’s sounding like your execution is what needs to change…

About the best suggestion I’ve got is to get an octo gate, which is going to let you ride the gate, and find the corners with slightly more accuracy than a circular gate.

I can’t help but feel that what ever you do, you need to change something in your execution…

Yeah, I certainly can accept that my execution needs work. I just feel like the tiny diagonals with the round gate are compounding the problem. I know that guy who gets a stick and immediately wants to do crazy custom mods is annoying, and I guess I’m kind of that guy right now. But I’d say I’ve played at least 500 matches on this stick, and it never felt better than when I played with no gate. Too bad that’ll kill the stick. Maybe I answered my own question–a big circular gate, just enough to keep the actuator off the metal, may be what I need. Thanks for the reply.

Edit: Oh, and I’m not ignoring the octo-gate recommendation. As far as I know, such a gate does not exist for the LS-32. Maybe I’ll try making my spare square gate into an octo first, then large circle if that doesn’t work or I don’t like it.

Hitting the diagonals is just tough on the LS-32 circle gate. If you’re dedicated to it I would try taking in the corners a little bit like you were thinking (rounded square).

make your actuator thicker. the part that hits the microswitches and the gate itself. a thicker actuator means ur gonna hit them microswitches alot mroe senstively. including those diagonals. experiment how thick you want it to be. when i did on mine. i made the bottom part of the actuator, the one that touches the gate, really thick by rolling electrical tape over it. that way, i can ride my gates while doing minimal execution.

Try the round sub-gate. You would keep the original square which means standard throw of joystick for cardinal directions. The small difference is that is a little bit easier to block crouch after blocked stand because in that case you feel the actuator finding the new gate when hit diagonal and maybe you get used to it.

I was going to suggest this. Use the dark blue subgate as they have little notches for the diagonals. It’s a little “crunchy” but I found it to be a good alternative.