Having trouble finding/keeping a main

So I’ve been using Chun since April 09’ when I bought SF4, then like 2 weeks before SSFIV came out I started to get bored of Chun. So I decided to main a new character in Super, which was Ibuki. Then I played her for a good month… Then guess what? I got bored. I went back to Chun for 2 weeks, got bored… went onto Ibuki etc. So now I’m just balancing the two characters out. My Chun is better than my Ibuki imo due to more match-up knowledge and experience. I do good with her, could probably reach 2800PP+ with her. I have beat quite a few 3000PP+ players with her (I’m not saying 3000+ is totally good, but I think it means they just don’t suck). I rape flowchart kens with her and stuff. But my Ibuki on the other hand gets raped by stupid shit like flowchart Kens, but does good against 3000PP+ players. But I just get kinda bored of them, one week I main Ibuki, the next I main Chun, and it’s bugging me a bit. Just wanted to know your guys opinions on this and what I should do to fix me getting bored of them.

tl;dr - Should I main Chun or Ibuki?

You’re bound to get bored once in awhile, play in moderation is the best thing that can be advised. Other than that, I’d say that you should maybe change it a little so that you’re maybe maining Ibuki but your alt is a completely different playstyle such as a charge character.

I main Akuma and right now am debating between my “full time alt” being Balrog or Blanka. I absolutely love Blanka’s playstyle but he’s a little weak if you can’t change up his shenanigans constantly. But that’s besides the point, the reason I play those 2 as my alts is because they’re so different from shotos. This allows me to, instead of just shutting off the 360 when I get bored of Akuma, swap to one of my alts with whom it’s almost like playing a different game.

I dont see how you get bored of a character that suits your style.

Sometimes I get frustrated with Chun, which is why I have alts. Sometimes you just want to destroy the person who dominated you because they have the advantage in the matchup.

You shouldnt really look at them as characters, but rather styles. Pick the one that suits your style best, and the one that compliments your personality. I like rushing down, I dont mind charging, and I like having a wide range fantastic normals. So naturally Chun is a good fit for me, much better than Ryu was.

Play Ibuki enough and it is bound to at least be on par with your Chun.
If you are constantly getting bored that fast maybe neither are right for you.
I personally find C.viper to be a really fun character that is hard to get bored with (aside from the hours of practice)

Think of them as styles? I think that might just work. Thanks for the input guys.