Having trouble finding this type of button

Back in 2002, I regularly played a 3rd Strike cabinet that had big buttons with no rims – or rather, the plunger was as wide as the rim and pressed down flat onto it. I haven’t seen buttons like those since, and after extensive searching, I can’t find any like them for sale.

They looked like this:

Does anyone know anything about this type of button?

I think you are searching for theses

They look like the Wico perfect 360 buttons.
They long been out of production and very rare

They are designed to be Spill Resistant, optical operation buttons, and like optical joysticks require +5 volts to operate.

Better start applying at banks for a small loan if you want these.

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Yep, that’s them.

It’s at least good to know their name, although seeing as they’re so rare, I’m thinking I might have better luck buying a 3D printer and making the plungers myself to mod the buttons I already have. Or hot glue poker chips to the tops of my buttons.

Thanks for the info. I really liked those buttons, and if anyone has any they want to sell, I’m interested in buying.

Making a WTB (Want To Buy) post in the Trading Outlet of this forum is probably your best bet to get the most amount folks aware that you’re looking for some.

Your forgetting these buttons have a optical component as well

I think the OP is mostly simply looking to get the general “feel” of having a large plunger surface with no button rims, rather than to replicate the entire functionality of the Wico P360s.

I am not sure how to duplicate the feel of the old Wicos just by replicating the button “Rim”

Is he just going for the plunger design or the feel of operation?

My assumption is that the OP isn’t even looking to duplicate the feel of the buttons.
It sounds to me that he’s just wanting a very simple/basic plunger imitation, where there’s no button rim, and it’s all plunger (hence his joke about just hot-gluing poker chips to the top of existing buttons).

Yeah, I’m not concerned about getting the authentic feel and operation of the Wicos nearly as much as I am about just having a large, relatively flat surface area to press with no rims around the buttons. I just want plungers that shape, as long as the button operates well and has a nice feel.