Having trouble getting e-clip off

I cannot get the E-Clip off on my SE Stick Any suggestions? I do not have a small flathead people suggested using tweezers but they didn’t work.

How do you plan on doing any kind of stick modding without a small flathead? Try a fork or spoon to get that sucker off.

Go buy a precision screw driver, with the detachable drivers. They are like $10 and needed for all types of small electronics screws. I second using a fork.

Me i have a set of 100 i just couldn’t find my box of precision’s i just found them actually soon after i posted the thread and got the washer off thanks for the replys however

Small knife work best for me because of a top. As others have said though, can’t mod without tools. Get a cheap set of small and medium sized screw drivers (flat and phillips) and a torx set.

NVM, too slow. I see you do have tools, just misplaced them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry but seriously? What did you plan to do, screw everything in with your fingers and solder with your lazer eyes? Go to ace hardware or home depot. Get tools.

Im sorry but are you the one fucking retard that didn’t read my above post? I have the tools its called a misplacement for one, Secondly SE’s don’t need to be soldered you pathetic weeaboo.

Jesus don’t post if you’re going to be an unhelpful twat it saves you from looking stupid.

You said you didn’t have one, not that you misplaced yours. But if you have one, you should find it instead of trying to find the wrong tool.

You look like a fucking retard who can’t even read what you wrote. I bolded what you typed for you. You did not say misplaced. You said you do not HAVE one.

Also, weeaboo? LOL wtf. No one is even talking about anything remotely anime related.

But on topic besides your pointless and completly off topic insult - how is “go buy a screwdriver” not helpful?

You don’t have one. You NEED one to get the e-clip off. I told you to just go buy one because it’s going to make shit a lot easier than makeshift tools. Unhelpful? No it’s helpful, you’re just butthurt because this is a stupid question.

Okay, To the two idiots who cannot read at all.

Someone who just edited there post should have seen this^, They made themselfs look even more retarded also it is unhelpful obviously if i could just ‘‘go’’ out and buy some, I wouldn’t be asking here use some fucking logic.

Look at the post times. They’re posted within 2 minutes. After you wrote that. That post wasn’t THERE when I posted. Your post at 7:23 and some change, and my post at the 7:25 is a minute and some change apart.