Having trouble getting parts

I am trying to mod ONE joystick, want to use Happ’s Cherry Switches and various other quality parts. I can’t find a place to buy the cherry switches that doesn’t require me to buy 25+ quantity. Happs has a minimum order of $25 and i’m not buying that many switches, it would be a waste. If they sold the other parts i needed, then i could just order everything from them and make a big order. But they only sell the switches. Does anyone have a source that either let’s me buy the switches in lower quantities, or that sells switches plus other parts so i can combine the order?

Oh dear, i get a sensation that you’re going to get told off. :annoy:

There’s loads of threads on parts on the forum. :confused:

Check Ponyboy’s thread here:


He sells the parts for which you are looking.


what exactly are you looking for, other then the cherry switches?

I have a Sanwa JLW and a bunch of black Happ concaves

send me a PM if youre interested