Having trouble going from good to great with Hakan

OK, well, after many matches I’ve finally reached a B rank with my Hakan. I feel proud of myself. But, this might be the worst thing I’ve done to my development with Hakan. Admittedly, even though my Hakan is ranked high, my overall skill level is pretty low. I’m way too inconsistent with my Hakan play and there are some things that I just struggle with:

Guarding against jump-ins without U2, especially with jumping roundhouses/fierces/strong such as Ryu’s and Sagat’s. Believe me, I tried air throw, jumping medium punch, it all gets beat clean.

Approaching from full screen. Yes I still try for a full screen slide without focus canceling to protect myself. Hell, I never focus cancel any of my slides.

Block strings/ tick throws are just freaking awful. Yeah I could do an oiled up Oil Rocket, but what do I do when I"m dry? Tried teching for normal throws, but I either get tagged by a jab or an invincible attack or fail to prevent the throw anyway,

DNCs. Well, I understand how it works, its just I really haven’t used it that often with my gameplan.

So far I’ve gotten way more losses than wins with Hakan ever since I got to B rank. Frankly, I’m nearly at a level of pure saltiness that I’ll end up destroying my fightstick if I’m not careful. If you got any tips, tricks or advice, that would be very helpful.

Good thread, as I can still struggle from time to time with this basic stuff. I definitely know the feeling of getting blown up in so many situations where I think there are answers, but it seems like none of them are working. It just boils down to being comfortable with all of your options and knowing how to apply Hakan’s crazy unique answers to all the situations.

Well, if it’s a non-wake up jump-in, then there are a few answers based on their distance, move, etc. The main one that I see people forgetting about or neglecting is :lp: slide. It is waaaay under utilized by Hakan players. The new 9 frame start up is crazy useful for AA purposes. Yes, it can be empty jumped for a big punish, but empty jumping against Hakan just puts them in an equally risky situation. Sliding those long range meaty jump ins just means they aren’t going to do it as much, which is great for you. Another solid option for normals like Ryu’s j.RH is f.:mp:.

Pretty dependent question, if they’re at full screen and they aren’t trying to punish oil or they can’t…then oil. Period. Typically, good players try to get on you before you can oil up, so they often are coming at you. But if the opponent is at full screen and not coming to you, then just relax. There’s no need to rush anything unless there is 20 seconds left and he has the life lead. Pushing them back in the corner is an amazing option if they just want to keep backing up. You have them in the corner with severely limited options and an oiled Hakan. That’s a frightening situation to be in for them.

Lots of characters don’t have safe options to this outside of just good ole normal placement and patience. Yea, it sucks that we don’t have an SRK that we can throw out every so often to keep people on edge, but that just means we have to place more emphasis on being patience and ticking/teching back when we get a chance.

That just comes with time, it took me a long time to actually incorporate DNCs properly, and I still don’t use even close to the full extent of them.

I would make personal goals for each match, or each set of matches. Instead of focusing on winning your matches (they are just online games after all,) solely focus on making sure they never once get a jump- in, or incorporating a single move or DNCs. Don’t focus on the grade or result of the match, but on whether you got further or even accomplished that goal. Once you start getting comfortable and progressing in these, then you can start incorporating them into a serious match.

Thanks Swoops. Funny thing you mentioned the use of light slide. I remember using this slide as an anti-air, but the problem is that somehow if I do use it, the opponent STILL BLOCKS IT. Honestly though I think it’s timing for me but it just seems that when they do jumping attacks like that I really don’t have a consistent viable answer.

I will use j.lp occasionally against Ryu, actually. As a counter hit, it does okay damage and, if nothing else, it’s irritating.

lp slide works unless they empty jump

tick throws eat me up
I can see them coming, but my teching skills are not coming through for me
do crouch techs have to be late? And early techs must be standing? That might explain it. Any advice?

If you do slide a little bit too late, they can block even if they used a jump attack. The hit box needs to already be out as they land for them to get hit out of trip guard. Hakan doesn’t really have the same answer for each jump in, so you kinda have to get used to which ones to use. But :lp: slide isn’t really Hakan’s ultimate anti-air, it just really makes them think about doing those big hit box j.RH/FP against you so you can start incorporating s.:hp:/f.:mp:.

The way I see it, the more scared they are and the more empty jumps they throw out, the better for us.

As far as tick/throw situations, it’s hard to give out specific advice for that. You can always try using :mp:+lp+lk for throw breaking too if that helps. As far as the crouch/stand tech timing, I’m not sure if it’s earlier or later for either of them. My best advice though is just be patient. In those situations, a throw is a small price to pay when your other option is getting hit by a combo. Just keep it simple and focus on blocking until you are comfortable enough with your tech game

For anti air, you can also use focus attack backdash, better if oiled…or just focus attack, hit, backdash when you’re dry. I’m not saying you should abuse this tactic, but it can force your opponent to block if they’re coming down on it, with the risk of getting crumpled. And it gives you some good space afterwards, getting you out of a possibly hairy situation. You can also do; i havent tried this in-game, I always forget about it, focus backdash a jump in (when dry) and then hit ultra 1. If the opponent is scared of the crumple and blocks you’ll be in range to nab them.

focus backdash does not always work. if ken does a SRK after the hit, you get damaged…sometimes they just hit and grab you. The situation is different when oiled…with backdash invincibility but it is very hard to achieve back DNC jab.Timing is tight. I can only do it with pad but fail often with stick.
What i usually do is just block the first hit and dashing out of the situation or just focus dash back or Anti air with st.hp.
When I am oiled…I do focus absorb forward DNC low jab followed by rocket or 2,3 jabs jump mp if you anticipate your opponent to jump out from your rocket. However, forward DNC does not have invincibility which can be hurt by shoryus or mashing shoryus after they block the jab.
Lp slide is great but i don’t have the habit to do it.

Keep practising the backdash DNC’s, it’s definitely something you’ll get better at if you keep practising, even though it’s difficult, the more you practise, the easier it will become for you. The thing about it aswell, if you see the jab land, you can hit confirm to slide, but if it’s blocked and you’re worried about mashed shoryu, you can just block or backdash. You shouldn’t be scared of doing jabs because of dp, just go for it…if they’re going to keep doing it you can block and punish :slight_smile:

Have you tried steroids? Worked for baseball.

Im in the same boat with the OP. That’s why all this week, Im in Training room for 4 hours a day till I get DNC and Parries down. Tired of losing matches I should win or going to T.Hawk to run a salty runback.

That’s a good sign with the practise. Keep working at it. I’m in a mode just now where, when im oiled, im challenging myself to try and parry everything, lol

I went from great to good to bad :frowning: I’ve dropped so much today. Maybe won like 5 matches the whole day by luck. I don’t know what’s going on with me. One of those aliens from Space Jam must’ve stole my talent :frowning:

^Crack up. Happens to the best of us and the worst of us too i guess. Lol. Watchin vids from the various Hakan’s on these boards has helped me alot lately. Mostly inspiring me to try different things but also motivating me to solidify some of my basics. Stay at it people!

I main Hakan and I feel like I am in the same boat as the OP, there is some good info I need to add to my game. I have a few questions I’d like to add to the discussion. First I have trouble applying really solid pressure with Hakan, what do you guys use to keep up solid pressure? Also I have problems getting out of pressure, what are some good things to use other then churning the stick like I am making butter hoping they drop a combo or block string.

Hey man.

As for pressure. Hakan pressures best when he’s oiled. To be fair though, you can still pressure people while dry with Hakans normals, which can be a pain to deal with, and do good damage aswell. When he’s oiled, use cr.lk’s up close, his only really true string. From there you can tick into SPD, keep the pressure on, or if you think they want to jump, punish it with airthrow/ j.mp slide. Also, try cancelling his dash into normals when moving around. There’s other forms of pressuring aswell using FADC’s and focus attack cancels.

As for dealing with pressure. You just have to be patient really, blocking is your best friend. Don’t press too many buttons, Hakan hasn’t got fast interuptting normals. Personally, i like to wait until the opponent jumps, this is the best time to counter. Opponents are always going to try and neutral jump Hakan. Neutral jumps can be punished with f.lp, st.hp, or airthrow. Airthrow is great. Fastest airthrow in the game, 2 frame startup, good damage, and is an untechable knockdown for free oil.

Just tagging on here…

If you think they want to jump, its safer to just do something like 2 c.lks, and then s.lp. If they attempt to jump, it will catch their pre-jump frames and net you a combo into slide; its much safer than commiting to a jump, and more damaging.

Hakan can deal well with pressure while oiled honestly. Your opponent has to respect a good mashed spd first of all, so make sure they know that. If you’re being pressure with stuff like frame traps, don’t be afraid to BDNC out and hit with some jabs into a slide combo. (bdnc rapes frame traps, btw; lol poor Rose/Cody). If you’re dry, you still have an ex SPD and U1, so don’t be afraid to mash if they haven’t proven they’re respecting you.

And c.lp is a relatively good button; buffer an lp slide behind it and you’re good to go.

Yeah, definitely, that is much safer, pre-emptive j.mps can get you punished a lot of the time, good point.

Oh yeah, I was talking about dealing with pressure while dry, well at least now he has tips on dealing with pressure oiled and unoiled, lol. Yeah oiled Hakan has answers to pressure, pretty much all of what Liquigen said. He can turn defense into attack in the blink of an eye. Even simple jabs can be reversed.

I can block like a boss with Hakan I just have been having trouble pushing out when the pressure is on. I’ve got the DDT set ups after a slide knock down and the DDT after a 360 grab. It’s just putting it all together. Thanks for input I’ll head into the lab and put it all together.

If they like to go for cross-ups, just cr.hp as they jump, moving you safely under them and out of the way, if you have Ultra 1, start churning dat buttah and when they land they will get a healthy dose of shut the fuck up.

If you don’t have ultra 1, you have plenty of time to block whatever they throw out after the jump, or you can try backdashing away if you feel like they aren’t going to try to punish with a fireball or spiral arrow or something like that.

That’s generally how I escape pressure, wait for them to try and cross you up, most people will try it, because they know Hakan doesn’t have anything like an srk that can directly beat their attack (I said cross-up not jump-in) if you don’t have U2. Or if you are oily and people are just in your face mashing on jabs and whatever because they think your normals stink, I just sit in block and churn until they drop a link.