Having Trouble Linking Combo's

Hey guys im having trouble linking combos in this game, for example yoshimitsu’s trial:

Crouching light punch
Crouching light punch
Slap U Silly

for some reason i cant get the crouching light punch to link to crouching light punch, trying to time it right, i tryed cancling it into each other nothing works Pls help if possible.

Have you tried looking at trial videos?

Vesper’s trial videos are really helpful. You should check them out to know when to time your links.

i know this hasn’t got anything to do with combos, but i noticed diagonals seem to be much more strict in this game than in sf4 when it comes to jumping. there are times where i’m sure i’ve pressed up forward or up back and got a neutral jump instead.

Yeah i tryed but i still cant get it to link, im having the trouble of linking the same button. like doing the light/medium/high combo is realy simple

What I try to do is time my cr. lp right before Yoshi’s attack ends, if you time it right, it will link. Keep trying, you’ll get it eventually.

Thanks man i just tried it and it worked thanks allot but still need lots of practise landed it once so ill keep on trying thanks again :slight_smile: