Having trouble linking moves and doing combos

Ok so yea I’m still a noob at this game. I’m having trouble linking moves and doing combos, I go into trial mode with Juri and I get stuck on combos like c.lk > c.mk > c. hp
I’m not sure if I’m doing them to fast or to slow. It’s a little confusing. Anyone have any tips?

Too fast the move wont come out

Too slow it will get blocked

so in other words…you gotta do it juuust right?

Pretty much. What Kelter Skelter just described is how you can tell what you need to adjust in order to hit that sweet spot. If the move you’re trying to combo into is blocked, you did it too late. Doesn’t come out, too early.

Yes. Check out the stickies:

I think that combo requires you to activate Juri-jin. In which case, you are actually just chaining (canceling moves into each other) rather than linking.