Having trouble linking snapshot to Survival Techniques

I’ve been having trouble linking an OTG Snapshot into the Survival Techniques Hyper, like in Frank’s challenges 8 and 9, I believe, as well as in the guide. No matter what I do, I can’t get them to link. Am I missing something here? Am I the only one who is having trouble?

Maybe you’re too far away? You can actually get this hyper in after an OTG snapshot from a surprising distance, though it’s much more comfortable to be in really close.

Try cancelling the snapshot earlier, because in my experience, this is actually very easy.

I hate to sound like a dick, but you just have to do it faster. Snapshot doesn’t have much hitstun so you need to do it really fast. It’s not something you hitconfirm, by the time the snapshot comes out you should have just about inputted the command for the hyper and both Frank’s normal hypers come out really quickly for this reason.

BTW, nitpicking here, but canceling camera into a hyper isn’t a “link”. Links are comboing attacks that don’t normally cancel into each other. If you couldn’t hyper cancel the camera but could still combo into a hyper anyway, that would be a link.

Just so you know your terminology.

And yeah, either do it faster, or do it closer (though it doesn’t have to be that close for it to combo).

My simplemode combo for online uses OTG snapshot survival techniques at surprising distance with no dash: :d::m:,:h:,:d::h:,:s:,jump,:m:,:m:,:h:,:qcf::h:,land,:d::h:,:s:,jump,:m:,:m:,:h:,:s:,:qcf::s:xx:qcb::atk::atk:. Real easy and surprisingly connects the super midscreen even though it looks like it needs a dash. If it doesn’t work, cancel snapshot pretty much as fast as you can, it’s rare that you can do it fast enough that the snapshot is cancelled too early.

Just do it faster. If you’re having trouble because of online issues, use the cart instead. It’s less damage, but it’s easier.

I have the hardest time as well, you do have to do it really fast and for whatever reason my QCF+S or my QCB+LM will come out wrong. I have no idea but I just can’t input these two together!

I just started using the DP+H > Survival instead once I hit Lv 2. I know this beats the point of using the camera, but if you just want damage this is easier… at least for me.

I’m with the ‘do it faster’ group. I can’t consistently connect them either, but when I make the mistake, I can immediately recognize it’s either because I’m doing it too slow, or that I’m doing it with the inputs out of order (I hit the attack buttons before I finish the QC motion). The cart super gives you a few extra frames to make it connect.