Having Trouble Mastering Bold Cancels? Here's a Few Personal Tips



Ok so I’ve been seeing a lot of pro players ‘attempt’ their bold cancels and i’ve noticed that I manage to pull them off more online than I’ve seen tourny players do. I’m not saying they aren’t as consistant as me but I’ve spent some time on Bold Cancelling (esp. into Volcano) and I’d like to share a way that works pretty much 100% for me with out choking. Anyway, back to business!

First off, if you think you’ve mastered Bold Cancelling into Volcano, here’s a small challenge I’d like you to try out before you read on:

Here is a break down of the inputs i think most players use for a bold cancel volcano combo set up:

OK, now i’d like to share my inputs when performing the standard combo set-up:
:l:,:m:,:h:,:f:+:h:,:s:+:atk: (At this point I am still holding :f: from the :f:+:h:), :d::df::m:

This is an easier set-up for the combo IMO. It focuses on buffering your Volcano during the Bold Cancel to shorten the inputs required and maximises execution. The trick is, as your waiting for the Stinger to connect, and you’ve hit confirmed it, the next part is to Bold Cancel into Valcano all at once while holding :f: so the :dp: motion is minimised and will feel as if your doing an easy Fireball motion (:qcf:)
Like so: :f::s:+:atk: :d::df::m:

Here’s a video of air :s: cancels I discovered awhile back, which a friend of mine posted on youtube: [media=youtube]DVfCmT_Byh8[/media]

I’d like some feedback on this and I’ll probably add some other cancels I come up with in the future like Bold Cancelling into Teleport which i’m working on at the moment. Feel free to ask any questions.
PS: This is my 1st post EVER on any Furum site so be Friendly! :encore:


I’ve been doing the same thing, it is indeed very easy.


same here, it helps, but my left side sucks for bold canceling and dp motions in general.


if i were you, i’d practise a few dp motions until ur sick of it… do the :dp::l:xx:dp::l: motion n see how consistant u can get


Yup, this is just what I’ve been doing too, but it’s a good tip for those who aren’t doing it!
I really like the ideas you had for making the j.S safe. I believe Hammer is the best option though, considering how it’s pretty much an overhead, it’s fast, you can combo after it whether you hit with the j.S or Hammer and if they block it, you’ll be left with quite a lot of frame advantage to set up mix ups like IAD cross up j.H or whatever.


Am I the only on who inputs forward :heavy: , then MASHES THE FUCK OUT OFF BOLD MOVE AND VOLCANO ?


Anyone else having problems getting teleport after bold canceling? I swear to god, I thought “this should be easy, just buffer the down movements and it’ll be easy” but it is NOT and it is FRUSTRATING. Everything else is so easy to bold cancel except for this ONE VERY IMPORTANT MOVE.


Hmm… Remember that you want to cancel Bold Move into Teleport, not Stinger.
Initially, I input it too fast, as if I would be canceling stinger into teleport or something, so if that keeps happening to you, try to wait for Stinger to end and then press S after buffering teleport.


i just do stinger and then mash down,h,s all together as fast as i can


For those that mash Volcano - you don’t have to input the bold cancel and Volcano after the Stinger hits.

I’m not at home to test different timing on the Volcano, but I can say for certain that I input Bold Move immediately after pressing :f::h:. It will not cancel into Bold Move until after the hit connects, giving a bit more time to put in the :d::df::m: motion to finish the input for Volcano.

Again, I’m not sure if the same early timing applies to Volcano, but I’ll check after I get home.


The way I do it (bear in mind im just a newbie with dante as of yesterday) is 6H > 623 then S~M Like a plink in SSF4. To do the teleport do 22 Atk~S. I find this an easier way than most of the methods posted above I hope this helps!


i had trouble with bold cancel volcano at first, but it gets pretty easy the more you do it. it actually doesn’t feel like a cancel at all (like roll cancel), but a sequence instead. f+H>s+Atk>dp+M, not f+H~s+Atk~dp+M
volcano>beehive i think has a shortcut too.
:f::d::df::mp::f::d::df::mp:…this looks like the official motion, but whats actually being done is a dp motion quickly followed by a “fb” motion. after you press the first df+m, keep the motion going with a forward input, then do the second input in one fluid motion. it’ll feel like a dp>fb instead of a dp>dp.
still working on prop shredder tigerknee acid rain


This is actuly the best. It lets you hit c.M from max range into stinger, wait a little, then plink the bold move cancel into volcano in one fluid motion. If you don’t wait the volcano can whiff, and at max range.you can’t combo into s.H and c.H is terrible for damage.


How do you bold cancel to crystal, every time I try it does volcano sometimes it does it but its by pure luck.


Try doing hcf for crystal instead of qcf, it helped me.


This or practice making sure you go neutral before you put in the :qcf:. If you don’t do one of these, the game uses your :f: input from Stinger and turns your Crystal into Volcano. In most Capcom games, :dp::f: + :atk: is no different than :dp: + :atk:


Man, I have the exact oposite problem as you Snake, I always get crystal instead of volcano!


This is basically what I do. Works pretty well and is pretty intuitive.


I have found an alternative way, instead of doing :s:+:atk:xx:dp:+:m: I do :dp:+ (plinking):s:~:m:, on the input it show like this :f::hk:,:d::df::s::m:


I was gonna make a seperate thread for this until i saw this one and figured it was a good place to ask and not waste board space. What exactly is the purpose of the bold cancel? What are some of its uses? I dont get it, and i dont even know if im pulling it off right. Seems people are having a problem with it and im pretty sure im one of them but i dont even know where to begin. Any help?