Having Trouble Mixing Up Dive Kicks To Get In Close

I understand the general idea of mixing up dive kicks (ie just jumping stright up, super jumping with a dive kick delay, stright jump into mp shoulder, stright jump into lk dive kick) etc. But other then that I dont know many other ideas. My matches usually end up with me almost full screen away and attempting to get in close mxing up dive kicks.

What I want to know is how do you get someone to fear your dive kicks enough to get in close to mix up your grabs(like blocked mk divekick --> lk dive kick into commmand grab etc).

There really isn’t any way to make someone “fear” a dive kick… unless they really suck. It doesn’t do much damage and it’s easy to parry, thus no real “fear” can be projected into your opponent… the trick is to hit them when they don’t expect it. A good way to think of dive kicks is to use them for spacing, helping to move yourself in closer to the opponent, and for cross-ups. Of course, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t use it to attack, but rather you should learn the right time for when you can use them on the offensive. Depending on your opponent, you can use these to your advantage to hit multiple times, or get punished all the time because you’re too predictable. You should get into the habit of using them sparringly and when it’s safe.

You can do something like RH dive kick, Short dive kick to move yourself right infront of your opponent and go for a command grab if you like… but I advise that you DO NOT do this on characters like shotos. It’s easy to see coming, and you can easily be shoryu’d out of it. Things like this have to be used at your descretion, knowing the type of opponent you’re playing. It’s pretty risky, but if it works, it works.

Anyways, what you can do to use the dive kicks up close is to keep your game to the middle of the screen as much as possible. Opponents are going to want to pressure you into the corner, and by how Yun’s runaway game works, you’ll be pushed into the corner quite a few times trying to build up your GJ meter, so you won’t be able to keep the game in the middle at all times. Just do the best you can.

Some examples of using the dive kick up close are using c. short as a tick, followed by a dive kick. The dive kick usually hits or gets blocked in this situation, which will then set you up for another mixup. If your opponent parries it, hey, they’re either parry happy, they knew it was coming (which means you’re abusing the dive kicks too much), or they have some crazy reaction time.

If you keep the fight in the middle, you should be able to dive kick once in a while without being punished so long as you do it quick and unexpectedly, and you don’t dive kick so much throughout the whole match that they just wait there for you to do it. Did that make sense? lol.

Sorry I just got off of school and my explanation may not be sound, but I hope this helps somewhat…

In a nutshell, keep the fight in the middle when you don’t have GJ, use dive kicks sparringly, and you should be safe to use the dive kicks up close.

like trippy said, it’s really not worth fearing in comparison to his zenpo. the zenpo leads to more meter and more damage than getting hit with a dive kick. try to stick with them as a form of movement, and let your opponent make his own mistakes. dive kicks are more about spacing yourself than they are about hitting and setting things up, which although they do it from time to time, isn’t readily accepted as a serious threat by most people.

whenever i hit a c.forward, i like to mix up whether i’m going to do another low poke or a dive kick. the dive kick is really easy to see for people patient enough to react to whatever coming next, but a lot of times i end up hitting someone trying to aggressively low poke right back at me. after this has happened once or twice in a match, i just do a short dive kick to land right in front of them without hitting them. this is where i either do the 123 jab shoulder (or 123 xx geneijin if i’ve got it), or i zenpou if i think they’re scared of getting hit or trying to parry.

a lot of times none of this even works, particularly characters with high priority stuffs like shotos or chun, and a lot of times people don’t really even realize i’m presenting them with a sort of mixup and i get popped by some really random stuff. but this is the sort of thing you need to keep an eye for. yun isn’t like the other top tier characters in that he has really set options for everything. whereas ken and chun can force some really heavy-handed stuff down your throat with awesome moves, yun is basically about plugging the holes in your enemy’s defense with “just okay” moves. i hate repeating everyone else, but you really have to read your opponent and just wing it.

yun can be a cakewalk if you’re good at reading your opponent and keeping track of how they’ve responded to mixups previously and how their spacing works. yun can be a nightmare to play if your opponent has the patience to makes fast educated guesses about your mixups and space you out when you’re not in genei-jin.

remember, he’s got a long movelist!