Having trouble on finding the right size for quick disconnects


I’m trying to figure out what size for the quick disconnects and wires should be for my Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons, cause i’m trying to mod mayflash arcade stick and i’m stuck on that part

I have a 22 gauges hook up wires is that the right size





What @presidentCamacho said, .110"

22 gauge wire is a little thick but it still works, I prefer wire 24 to 28 gauge.

Pro Tip: Bigger the gauge number the thinner is the wire, Smaller the Gauge the thicker is the number. Just like nails at the hardware store.


thank you :slight_smile:


also is it possible for the .110 to fit two wires on the same quick disconnector???


Yes, its how people make daisy chains for their ground lines.
It is a very common and old practice in the arcade industry, its also a common practice in the M.A.M.E., Shmup, Arcade enthusiast (such as CPS2 and NEO-GEO) and fighting game communities.


thank you now my mod will now postpone until i get those and something else as well