Having trouble online with a friend

I’m having problem with playing a friend online basically iv’e got AE and he’s got SSF4 and when I or him create a custom game and send an invite neither of us are able to join each others games. From what iv’e heard AE can play with SSF4, so i’m sorta confused why it won’t let us join, as it gives us a message of “unable to join game”.

Hope someone can help, thanks.

EDIT: This is for PS3

Do you have DLC AE or the new AE disk?


theres an option which allows you to revert back to ssf4

^Yeah I know, iv’e done that already but still the problem occurs.

may be you guys just cant play together it happened to me and my friends(they still don’t know how to fix it it might have something to do with Ip address IDK that’s what they say) for all the years we’ve known each other i’ve had to host everything just so they could join each other. Try getting someone else to host a game then you two should be able to join no problem or join the same endless game through matchmaking

Thing is, I told him to just search any game and told him to read some names out and we come out with non of the matching names we see. Thanks for the suggestion anyways.

DMZ both of your systems. This way it’ll eliminate the networking issue and you can isolate the problem from there,

Thanks Wil, i’ll look up a guide.