Having trouble opening the bottom plate (MADCATZ SF4 TE STICK ROUND 2)

Before adding plexi to my stick I ended up stripping one of the screws and had to drill it out. This caused one of the nuts that holds the top screws to fall out and it is now juggling throughout the stick whenever I move it.

I tried using a phillips to unscrew the bottom plate but I’m having trouble getting the last 2 screws to even budge. I lack a drill attachment at the moment to try and pull it out and was wondering what size I need to get since doing it by hand doesn’t seem to work and I need to get the nut out of there so I can replace the top screw that got stripped.

Whoa, sounds like massive overkill to take out the bottom plate for a nut. Did you unscrew the one screw that is underneath the warranty sticker, too? You sure you can’t just take it out from the top? There’s a pretty large hole in the plastic that separates the TE, and you could likely roll the nut over to find it and take it out.

Tried doing that but I had no luck with it rolling into sight. Plus I’m gonna need to open the bottom eventually since I’m going to add a bottom plexi + new feet. Just in case I have to drill a hole through the screw, what replacement would I need?