Having trouble positioning joystick right

Hi, I’m new here, don’t I think my topic would fit under hear, well I have the SFIV MadCatz Arcade Stick TE Edition, and I do like it. However, I always feel the joystick is too high.

At first I had it on my desk in front of my monitor, but that was too high, on my lap it leans down (not flat, pain, etc.)

How do you guys do it? Youtube just has holding/character guides for sticks, not positioning.

Maybe get a smaller, shorter table. Putting a stick on top of a desk that’s typing height isn’t comfortable, yeah. Or get used to lap play. It’s not that bad for those who are used to it and that’s what I do when playing in front of a desk.

lap, coffee table, on the ground, chair,… Try them out. It is personal choice to feel what is the most comfortable.

Sounds like a personal problem.

Or just get a adjustable chair and adjust the chair accordingly when the TE stick is on the desk.

i’ve been putting mine on top of the box it came in(its a SE) and then sitting on the floor