Having trouble reading UMvC3 combos

So, I know that (xx) means cancel.
but I have trouble reading stuff like this:
L M crH xx Hss, H xx Hss, j M dH xx Lss , S, sj M, H, S land Lss super or assist
(Captain America combo) I think ss is shield slash , but what is sj? special jump? or crH?

Also like a this:
s.L, s.M,s.H, DP L, HCB M, c.L, s.S, SJ, j.M,j.M,j.H,j.S, land, QCF + ATK ATK
(Nemesis Combo)
What I have no idea on : HCB - SJ - QCF
Im pretty sure j. is jump riight?

any help is appreciated.

HCB = Half circle back
SJ = Super jump
QCF = Quarter circle forwards
crH = Crouching heavy

Makes me feel kinda dumb at how obvious those are, lol.


In these cases I think they’re just abbreviations for special moves like Lss is Light Shield Slash for example. When all else fails use common sense.