Having trouble recovering gamertag

I had signed in to my XBox Live account on a buddy’s 360 and have since then been unable to recover my gamertag on my own 360. I tested the Live connection and I’m fine but for some reason it just won’t let me connect and sign in under my gamertag. Do I need to delete my profile off of his 360 and then try recovering it on mine? What am I doing wrong here?

I used to switch over my gamertag all the time and never needed to delete it off my friend’s XBox. It will even remain there, they just can’t sign into it.

Hmm, it sounds like your friend may have changed something on your profile. Did he see you put in your password? If so, then he might have changed it just to mess with you. Is he the joking type?

Also, I’ve never had to delete the account off of someone’s xbox in order to recover it on my own.