Having Trouble Removing Spring from Seimitsu LS-32

This little piece of metal holding the spring in place on a Seimitsu is a pain in the ass. I’ve done this a million times with JLFs but this little guys a bitch and I don’t want to accidentally break it taking it off. Anyone know the best way to go about doing this?

You will break it removing it unless you have the correct tool. Pull it off and replace it with an E clip from Home Depot.

Throw away the C-clip on the LS-32. Even with the right tool – not worth buying, IMHO --, the C-clip eventually degrades and will no longer “clamp” onto the end of the shaft as well as the day it was put it on. The C-clip becomes an awful, unreliable piece of hardware after a very few removals. The E-clip is much better for keeping any joystick together. This is one mod you want to do if you ever take the LS-32 part for whatever reasons. It makes the LS-32 a lot easier to dis- and reassemble in the future.

Get a 3/8" or 3/16" E-clip for the replacement part… They’re all Customary/English units… I’ve never seen metric E-clips sold in US hardware stores.

7/16" E-clip supposedly works, too.

I prefer the 3/8" over the 3/16" because of the thicker metal. The thinner 3/16" bends and looks like it could easily break.

Also, buy 2 E-rings. I ruined one E-ring removing and replacing it… They generally do slide onto the stick shaft easier after the second or third time they’re taken off.

The E-rings do look awkward on the LS-32 shaft but they don’t affect the restrictor gates at all as long as you stick with the recommended sizes…