Having trouble training w/ main

Yeah, I have got to the point where playing as my main is just boring. I can’t play more than a few games in a row with him without switching to another character for fun. This poses a problem seeing how I join small tourneys and use him. I am not going to get any better without using him, and I know that, but just can’t bare to play consecutive games with him.

Is this a problem that everyone has, or does it mean that I should switch mains?


… Yes?

You can’t bear playing only one character?

It’s not that you’re incapable, its that you’re unwilling.

What help did you expect from making this thread? Just play the game, if sf4 isn’t sufficient enough stimulation to keep your attention then perhaps you should spend your time playing other games, I’ve heard WarioWare is fun.

Meh, I will just wait for Reach. I don’t do nintendo stuff.

But in all reality, I do LOVE SSF4. I can play endless all day with my friends, just I really can’t stand playing with my main. I like switching around and playing a variety of characters. I main T. Hawk, and I am pretty descent. I can hold my own most of the time, still not the best, but working at it.

Which is where my problem is. My ssf4 partner tells me to play with Hawk 24-7 so that I will be up to par when we do tourneys and what not, but it just makes the game stale to me.

I’d say that if you get board of T-Hawk, main someone else.

Just pick the character that you tend to go to first after you get board of playing big-T.

It’s pointless floating around characters, as you’ll just get your arse handed, especially if you expect to compete and high level in tournys.

That’s my 2 cents.

maybe you should stop spamming condor dives all day long.

okay, im exaggerating, but the point i’m trying to make is that characters should be versatile enough to change up different tactics without having to change up characters completely. i heard hawk has great normals, so why not playing a few matches to learn every single situation (some may be character specific) where every one of his normals may prove useful?

what your doing right now to win matches may not always work out for you in future matches. you can’t be satisfied with that otherwise you’ll get bored and be unprepared when someone “figures you out”.

That means that he/she is not really your main, is not bad to have secondaries, but if you really like your main character you wont change him/her for anybody else.