Having trouble using the fightStick

Ive been playing SF for a while, But just recently got a fight stick about a year ago. I have this one issue Thats hendering my performance pretty fuckin good. Im right handed so My left hand is on my joystick (o_0). It seems that every move that require me to go towards my right hand gives me trouble. Dp Inputs Hadokens inputs Coming from the first player side towards player 2 side. Pretty much how Any one have a suggestion on How i can fix this handicap? Practice room I only come from player 1 side just to help this issue. Maybe its the way i hold the stick? Maybe its my elbow positioning? Any tips guys? Help me out?

play cross handed?

I’m right handed too but since you use both hands it shouldn’t matter. You can train yourself to adapt by only practice.

switch the stick? bat top instead of ball top?
where you sit relative to where the stick is?
is it on ur lap? on a table? how do you hold it? etc. etc. etc.

i heard it helps if you shove the joystick up your ass first

Its usually on my lap. but i might try it on my table. I never figured the ball top. this other guy said more resistance on the stick will help you recognize the movements of your wrist so i might give it a shot. thanks all i appreciate it.

Just go practice.

Read the sticky on execution.

just practice until it’s second nature.
@T_12, that’s the second ass comment I saw you post…hmmmm :stuck_out_tongue:

dude seriously, thats just out of line

I believe it’s quite common that execution feels different when you’re on P1 or P2 side? The answer is just practice. Changing how you hold the stick(shaft) as well as how you hold the entire stick(the entire controller) can drastically change the feel. I would go with whatever’s more comfortable for you.

I dare say, everyone is more comfortable on certain sides. Me personally, am much more quicker and more efficient on the P2 side. Doesn’t mean I suck on P1, just means that I’m alot better on P2. Like everyone said though, practice makes perfect.