Having trouble watching the EVO Stickam stream?

**EDIT: They setup an official USTREAM broadcast!

Go, go, go!

EDIT #2: Here’s a link to the raw Ustream broadcast (without ads, chat, etc.):


Justin.tv - Live Streaming Video

He must be close to a relay or something because his stream of the main stream is going fine. Check it out if you’re having issues watching the Stickam stream (like I have all day with jitters, lag, etc.)! It’s been running great.

I don’t know the person responsible for streaming this, so I don’t know if he’ll be on time tomorrow/Sunday, or if the stream will be up indefinitely, so if you find any other working Stickam alternatives, feel free to post them here!

Well it was going fine for awhile. Now the stream at evo2k.com seems to be going well. This stream is the bane of my weekend, man! Hopefully they get this all sorted out by the time they start tomorrow. Again, if you have any luck with the stream in any of its incarnations, post it here!

Probably too early to ask, but did anyone save the good TVC matches from earlier tonight?

Yea i am having alot of problems watching the evo stream.

WAYYYY too much SSFIV and Tekken 6.


Curious to see MB: AA tomorrow before checking football.
Hoping to see the day where EVO has some more proffessional commentary instead two-three guys behind a table somewhere in a hall. Headphones on, laughing about…everything.

I hear you on that.

In SFII HDR Daigo vs Cole was very impressive.
But I’m not sure if the schedule on the website is correct…

stream is getting laggy

Yeah. Missing some big chunks of good footage.

Level|Up Live on USTREAM: Level|Up Live. Gaming Entertainment

They finally setup an alternative USTREAM broadcast! Awesome! Eat it, Stickam!

Still pauses some, but at least we get faster than 10 FPS now

This stream kills SSF4 dissenters. If you think Super is a lame turtle fest watch the stream.

I still dislike the ultra system and the jab link system. Nothing will change that for me.

Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.


Man I only have my ps3 browser available right now. It worked Friday night, but now won’t load. I think the main page is ustream now, which is why it won’t work.

So much amazing play and great character variety. Fuck I love this game.

You can still check out the stickam stream.

EVO 2K Live Stream - Stickam Profile Streaming Video & Chat With Fans: G4 TV will be streaming 45 hours of non-stop live coverage of the EVO2K Tournament!
EVO Championship Series Live Streaming, Super Street Fighter IV Tournament Video On G4

Really, the USTREAM broadcast is vastly superior, but if that’s your only option, go for it. Semi-finals has been so hype, man.

Yeah my PC died recently, but the stickam one is lagless and clear audio on the PS3. Thanks for the link!

Anyone else notice that Arturo has the unrealeased new HRAP?

Really sucks the time difference is 9 hours lol.