Having trouble watching the EVO Stickam stream?


it was good watching justin wong getting owned by an ADON player. thats what u get for calling ADON shit


Shouldnt melty be starting soon or is it just me.


I’m just glad the complaints were heard and something was done about that stickem stream, matches really were just unwatchable on it.


So it’s almost over. Good matches overall. But nothing was announced. Ono and the guy behind Tekken just BS’d around, and we learned absolutely nothing new. I’m surprised the crowd didn’t yell out ‘That’s it?’


Daigo got 4th on HF and he just smiled even when the crowd got crazy.
You saw him thinking: "Oh well, then I’ll just be #1 for one game this time."
And then he became 1st for SSFIV.
That guy’s evil lol.