Having trouble when pressured/footsies



This is the big thing giving me a hard time. I can’t seem to get out of people’s jab jab jab -> whatever strings. Especially when they stop after the jabs are blocked and just try to crossup and do it again. I’ve learned that b.MP is good for stuffing most jump-ins, but it’s still causing problems when they do this after they block some of my attacks. Is there a good general strategy for getting out or countering this sort of strategy or anything specific to Cody?

Another thing I wanna try getting covered is footsies. I’m still not exactly sure what the exact definitiion of footsies is, nor how to do so effectively. Any help is greatly appreciated!


http://sonichurricane.com/?p=691 Read it all. Twice. Then sleep with it under your pillow.

When it comes to footsies, I tend to enjoy using f+hk, cr.mk, cr.lk, st.mk and f+mp.


A really good thing to do is start charging ex zonk/regular zonk while blocking. If you feel your opponent is going to end a string to fish for a CH or grab, you can release your zonk to tag them. There is one major benefit I’ve found for doing this in matches. You can still hold back after you let go. Think of it as an option select zonk & block.

If they continue to do true combo strings on your block when you try to zonk, the punch won’t come out. If there are holes in their pressure, continue holding back but release the zonk to try to catch them. If nothing happens, no harm no foul because you are still blocking.

If you’re getting frustrated with strings to jump crossovers, learn to react and dash under their jump. His dash forward is really, really quick.

Hope I helped.


Try and fast aggressive characters out of close range, when possible. Cody’s s.mk is a really great poke for stuffing characters trying to close in from mid-range. Your best defense against the repeated jabs is just to block; EX Zonk when you think they’re going to use a heavier attack or special. Cross-ups shouldn’t be too much of a problem, b+mp beats 11 to 130 angled jump-ins, and you can dash (as has been mentioned before), or c.mk underneath the jumps to throw off the spacing.


Doesn’t s.HK beat crossup attempts? Like if Ryu does c.jab x3 and goes for a crossup pretty sure you can do close s.HK, the high kick that hits above Cody’s head.


you can also use cr.MK to slide away from crossup attempts. It goes far enough to escape out of them.


If you really want to get a good idea about what footsies are all about there was an amazing string of articles on it by Maj at sonic hurricane. http://sonichurricane.com/?p=691 Start here and keep reading until you reach the epilogue.


haha I meant to include that link in my post, I don’t know how I forgot to put it in there, my post makes no sense without it.