Having trouble with 3s on PS2

I feel that it is harder to chain combos on the PS2 version than the arcade because the next attacks come fluidly unlike the PS2 version. Is there an option that I overlooked or do I just suck?

And why don’t I see people use Ibuki?

Just practice until it feels right. Ibuki is low-tier (bad explanation)

Have you played the arcade version, or are you assuming that because you can’t play like you’ve seen people do on youtube, there’s something wrong with your game?

The timing is offed. Here:

Arcade>PS2>XBOX>Dreamcast>XBOX Live>Chankast or something

That’s basically the ranking of arcade accuracy and overall quality. The PS2 version is tourney acceptable and out there in Europe or where ever I think they use the XBOX version because they didn’t get a PS2 one.

People use Ibuki. She has probably the strictest learning curve (outdoing geneijin and Seiei Enbu completely) and isn’t even all that good. She’s got hella pressure/mixup/priority but takes damage almost as bad as Akuma and kinda fails in the useful department. Supers are a tad weak, too.

no more hashin sho =(

we use japanese/american ps2

low mid THNX >:[[[[[[[[[

Ibuki is seriously underrated, she’s a good character actually. It’s just that it takes lots of dedication to build up a competitive Ibuki, and this combined with bad stamina makes most people pass over before they really can get good with her. And that’s a pity because she’s hella fun to play.

You just need practice. I learned almost everything on the Dreamcast and then when I went to play with my friends on the PS2 nothing felt right at first. It only took a couple days of practicing before it all felt completely natural though.

Idk about that, I think yun’s the hardest character to learn. Understanding the way he should be played isn’t easy to just learn. The way he should be played is very different from the way most characters should be played.