Having trouble with air dash combo



i’m sure i’m screwing this up somehow, but dont know what i’m doing wrong, after the cL cM cH S, i do the SJ, can get the aH and ADF, but between the ADF and the M the characters always seem to fall out. anyone have any suggestions as to what i’m doing wrong here?


You’re hitting M too slow. Don’t spam M you have to time it and hit it at the right time. What are you doing to ADF? Try ADF with L+M then hit L+M again (remember to plink it on both so M slightly before L)


i have a button on my fightstick bound to M+H i think it is


No no no no no nono no!!! Alright I’m going to help you with this combo since it is essential to learn as one of the basics of Magneto’s repertoire of what I’d like to call “Swag movesets” (meaning, combos that were not shown to you during the Mission Mode demos within the game):

What you want to do is, as you’re superjumping into the air:h:, you want to give a slight delay in pressing :l:+:m: or :m:+:h: or whatever buttons you prefer to dash in the air with and then press :m: cancelling into flight mode proceeding to scrape off, as they say.

Here’s a video of mine giving a good example of this (in your case, at the moment of combo):


I can’t connect the L after going into fly mode consistently. Why is the opponent getting hit too far away?


You’re probably doing the combo too slowly. Which version of the loop are you doing?


I’m doing L,M,H,S sj. H. adf M. xx fly L. H…


Yeah you wanna do that combo into fly a little faster than how you’re currently doing it, since you’re starting it off with a magic series


once u hit the M u gotta flight cancel FAST then L, H the just before magneto faces them again.
DO NOT MASH, u just have to be quick and precise.
this is really doable offline, but online lag will mess it up unless if you’re in xfactor, so its good to have online friendly mag combos when flight loop is not feasible

u get max 6 H’s in flight before it auto unflights
i like to do 5H’s to carry to corner then convert it to hyper grav loops
u can transition to this by doing either ADD or ADDF in the corner then hit H, S, land, H cancel to hyper grav.
the S when done that low in flight will unfly you, no need to manually unfly.
i prefer doing the ADD version because if u do ADDF and hit a button too early u might get a disruptor for some reason.

i hope this helps the mag noobs to get 500k+ meterless


actually you might be pressing air M too soon. I had the same problem when learning “new” mid screen fly combo since the changes from vanilla. let your air dash close the gap a bit more then do your M cancel to fly, then just go with the rest to push to corner. usually L M H ADF H ADF H… and so on.


I’ve done the fly loop online. Obviously you need a decent connection but it’s doable.

The thing about all fly combos is the hit after the flight cancel is a link. Luckily it’s a pretty easy link but it is something you have to get used to. Same problem with Sentinel fly combo, Doom M&M (and other TAC swag), etc.

Hang in there. The more you do these kinds of things, the better you get at learning them. By the time I graduated to converting a fly loop into hyper grav I was having fun and mastering combos quickly.

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