Having trouble with Corkscrew Cross (Ultra 2)



Sometimes if I mash it out, his jet upper will come out instead. Any tips for landing it consistently? I find that doing it a bit slower works somewhat.

Sorry if this is a noob question.


You shouldn’t be mashing it. A lot of people make the mistake of pressing x3 Punch before or midway during the QCF x2 motion.
Just hop in training room and practice it for a bit and consistency will come. Always be aware of when you input the x3 Punch.


focus on smooth quarter circle motions instead of speed


Are you mashing the motion aswell?

Do QCF ,QCF , then mash punch x3


Look at your inputs in practice mode. Make sure you’re doing full quarter circles, and pressing punches at the end of the last quarter circle. When I get sloppy and it doesn’t come out, it’s because I either pressed punch too early, or my first quarter circle didn’t start from the downward position. Hope this helps.


His post was half a year ago, he probably knows how to do U2 already lol.


Better late than never right?