Having trouble with corner air combo



Anybody have any suggestions landing the sj.HK in the corner from the air combo to continue it after fly screen?

I can hit them right after the hp with hk, but im having trouble continuing the combo after flyscreen, is there something special with the timing of the magic series, or the HK or something?


one way comes to mind.

sj up forward, lp, lk, mp, delay, lp, lk delay, hp…try delaying the hk more.


alright cool ill try that, thanks for the reply


wait, i misunderstood, are u talking specifically about land the hk so you can continue the combo when you land?

if so, the combo i gave is too specific and not neccessary…i what i should have said is…you want you character to be below them when it comes time for hp so that you fall with them while you are comboing. there is alot of freedom about how to get into position…input slower, delay 1,2 or 3 times… i usually jump and delay the first input…then its pretty easy.

sentinel is probably the easiest to land it on.



yeah i want to be able to do the corner air combo into fk throw+sent drones, relaunch or stuff like that. usually when i try to slow down my magic series, i miss the hp cuz i am too low, the only way i can get the fk to connect is if it is right after the hp. GRRRR!!!


which character are you trying it on?


the character i always practice on is cable, if that matters any.


That matters a lot actually. Timing on Cable is a lot different. Try omitting the lk in the combo. Or if you want to get a better feel of it, try it on Magneto, Storm, Cyke, Commando, or Psylocke or any other normal falling characters.


huh, that makes a lot of sense, im kind of embarassed i never thought of it before. I guess because im used to two kinds of combos, sentinal combos and everyone else combos. Alright, its back to practice mode.