Having trouble with decent to good Dhalsim players

I’m really having a hard time as guile (and Cody but thats for another forum) against mid to high level sim players, any tips on this matchup? What I may need to look for? I’ma SFS tourney this year and Arturo Sanchez will be there his sim is nasty I’m not hoping to beat that but I’d like to start my way on learning that matchup very well, its a rare match-up online so when ever someone picks him it takes me by surprise.

I do not know specific details and such, but your sole strategy, is to get that good chunk life lead and turtle your butt off. He has trouble getting in to you just as your attempts to get in. However beware of his ultra 1 cross up shenanigans, especially when he has a super, Dhalsim comeback potential rivals Rufus once he reachs a super and has an ultra stocked.

As a guile player, you enjoyed back fisting those who shoot projectile when you are walking behind a sonic boom, am I right? Think of it this way, often in a match, Dhalsim may shoot fire before you shoot a Sonic boom, making you eat a St.:hp:, so be patient and look for opprotunities to safely shoot a boom.

At times, you may get cornered, and get preasured with long ranged limbs and slow fireball chip damage, forcing you to do hasty stuff. Remember, limbs attack do not do chip damage, so it is ok to block them. Trade his fire with a boom if it is safe to do so, otherwise just block it, relax, and look for that opening.

Now, when you finally cornered Dhalsim, this will be your very last chance to score a win. If you look at some videos of great Guile players, you will notice how some, like GeoM, successfully use FADC to do extremely safe and almost airtight corner preasure that does good chunk of chip damage (each blocked boom does 15 damage), or if you want to save meter, learn spacing of sonic boom to do a “safe” jump in to even futher expand the preasure. If a sonic boom is blocked, you could follow on Dhalsim (and others) with Cr.:lp: -> Cr.:mp: xx Sonic boom if you are close, and create a good position for a overhead follow up for more preasure, learn to mix things up.

Your corner game as Guile on Dhalsim is to do safe chip damages, and punish every attempt to escape, like punishing teleport (ground teleport, since air teleport gets face punched before he even finish jumping) with throw, reversal super with Cr.:mp: xx (flash kick / Sonic boom -> Guile High Kick [:dr::hk:] -> follow up attack / Super), basically reduce his options to null.

Your only comebacks are either from corner, or Ultra 2 a fireball on reaction, so you really have to fetch for that corner, it is a gamebreaker, or if you have the life lead, sit there, shoot a boom to match his fireball, and then anti-anything he does. Really, just play safe and remain calm.

Before I get flamed or critisized, I based my reply with my limited experience against some dhalsim players, including my friends as well (offline play) and from various videos of Tourney level Guile vs Dhalsim matches.

Wow thanks for that awesome reply dude, just from reading it I have a better understanding of the what I have to do. Now to go fight some sims and implement what I just read, good stuff. I’m gonna go to the sim board and see if any sims want to take me on to get some practice in. Thanks again!

Here’s a perfect example.

http://www.youtube.com/user/XUpYourGameX#p/u/0/J09Jw11F-D4 (Aeroplane (Guile) vs Aminx (Sim))

EdIT: I wish I seen this video before my match at ECT2 with a Sim player. I turned so reckless there. lol.

Thanks Nemesys the visual aid helped me imensely I was having trouble imagining it in my mind and I was resorting to doing hasty things and getting rocked hard.


hope that helps!

I know aminx and talked to him about the fight against aeroplane, He played very bad against aero, he told me that was the first game and that then he won 6 or 7 straight after that, we need those videos up!

i remember that day. that vid looks like shitty play from both of us. That wasn’t a very good example cause i got lucky winning that 2nd round. i took a lot of unnecessary damage. But if there were some good things from that im glad it could help. i didnt know there was anything of me up from online. Also i dont remember that being true monsterer. It goes back and forth when we play.

thats what he told me yesterday when I told his video was up. I can barely get 50% against his sim when we are warmed up and from personal experience , he played bad and had huge mistakes. You could be right aeroplane, maybe he lied on the 6 win streak but knowing his sim, I believed him. His pokes are so fucking annoying and he will make you go nuts.

Aminx is pretty good but i could take him. If he did beat me that badly it was probably cause i was feeling shitty and tired. Its fun stuff though. I played a Dhalsim this week called The Butler who beat me pretty bad for the most part. Every bit of damage counts in that match so the main thing is get the lead and run like a biaatch. If he jumps forward and hits a normal that’s a free U2. Also i dont do this as much anymore but id focus a lot of his hits and dash in to get some damage. Ive been more turtle style lately though so i guess that’s risky but i remember it being succesful against his jump back instant overhead.

While watching high level players duke it out can help, I think mid-level vids can be as helpful. Same concept with added sloppiness :stuck_out_tongue:


hard matchup.

first you gotta learn how to block/punish the teleport bs. seems like all sims will try this at least once just to test you and see if it will work.

if you are outside of backhand range (not too far though) you can throw sonic boom and if sim throws fireball - you can dash and backhand. sim has a long recovery time on his fireball.

dont bother crouching too much. stay mobile and throw lots of slow booms and follow them. you are not going to land a bunch of flashkicks against sim.

if sim likes to jump over booms you can sometimes dash in for a standing HP.

jump ins are only possible if you can get over a fireball really early. most of the time jumping is not the best option.

use option select for teleport. there is a whole other thread on that.

if sim starts pressuring you too much, sometimes it’s worth it to try a psychic flash kick against a limb. but dont think this is a strategy or anything.

that’s all i can think of right now, and i am definitely not the best at this matchup.

if you do get sim in the corner though - this becomes a lot of fun.

Good stuff, from everyone else as well, I’m having an easier time against sim now still have some work to do but I see it coming along nicely.