Having trouble with decent to good Dhalsim players...

I’m really having a hard time with Cody against mid to high level sim players, any tips on this matchup? What I may need to look for? I’ma go to SFS tourney this year and Arturo Sanchez will be there his sim is nasty I’m not hoping to beat that but I’d like to start my way on learning this matchup very well, its a rare match-up online so when ever someone picks him it takes me by surprise.

try the matchup thread or questions and answers sometimes people see threads like this and don’t answer just because they “fee” you posted in the wrong space. Versus some specific questions it’s like wow we need a whole thread about this. I actually want to know the answer to this as well. all choices in my mind end with me getting kicked in the face.

Ok cool I’ma post the query in the Match-up thread.