Having trouble with doing unblockables

theres still a couple of thing I need to learn in this game the issue im having trouble with right now is creating an unblockable. Ive been practicing my A team(zero:snka:/doom:snka:/akuma:snkb:(or Hyaki Goju for an unblockable situation) and I cant seem to carry out an unblockable, im think that this is because in training mode when I set it to block all that might make it block unblockables as well?? im not asking what an unblockable is, rather how do you preform it in this situation with my A’ team so I cant figure it out with my other teams.

tips appreciated

The computer can block the “unblockable” when you do it because they can block in the one frame that is impossible for human hands, if you tried to do it manually yourself or if someone else tried to block you should be hitting it. :slight_smile:

ok, I was thinking that was the case