Having trouble with Doom's midscreen loop

I have read through almost all of the doom combo threads on this board, and have put in countless hours in training mode, but I can’t get more than 1 repetition on his midscreen loop.

The one I’m talking about and the one I’ve seen is c.MHS, j.M j.M F.H ( Then at this point, I air dash down forward and try to catch a medium before they hit the ground and then another relaunch.) I keep reading about whiffing moves in order to get the combo to continue.

One other thing that I’m having trouble with is getting all of the OTG’s off of his corner loop. It seems that if I hit j.M as soon as I leave the ground I’m able to get 3 reps. AGAIN, I’ve read that you need to whiff a move and then air dash down in order to be completely successful.

I guess my overall question is how exactly do you whiff these moves? I’m trying to level up my doom play and this is holding me back considerably.

Thank you for the help, and if this has already been covered and I missed it, please link me to a video or an explanation that helps me out.

You seem like you’ve got your combos mixed up. When you’re doing buktooth loop (do it with one j.M btw, it’s easier to learn and better on HSD) you do launch > immediate j.M > j.f+H > ADDF, then you hit them with a j.m when they’re low. There’s no whiffing of any moves. You’re mixing that up with launch > j.M (pause) j.M > j.f+H > j.S > ADDF, which you then wanna whiff a move so you get to the ground faster and can tridash over and OTG.

Then as far as corner loops, you don’t whiff a move and then air dash down, you air dash down and then whiff a move. You just press a button and don’t hit them with it, I use H.

Thank you for the reply, this has helped tremendously and I am now able to do all the combos after a couple hours of working at it!

Sorry for the hijack, but i’ve also been working on the buk and am having trouble getting it off consistently…I thought that after the Dash you were supposed to land an air m before landing and then cr.m cr.h s for the second loop. You described only one m after the air dash? Am I missing something?

To clarify, the combo to my understanding is…cr. L, M, H, S, (air) m, f-footdive, ADDF, m (land) m, h, S…repeat.


^ Best Buk tutorial here imo:

I’m no Doom expert, but isn’t combo into S, jMM-jfHS, ADDF + Whiffed Normal, Tridash, sHS, jMM-jfHS, ADDF + Whiffed Normal, Tridash, sH etc a better loop now?

it does more damage than buktooth and carries corner to corner, and is in my opinion a lot easier to execute but the buktooth loop is still worth learning, primarily on the fact that the buktooth basically teaches you all the fundamentals you need to learn every combo doom has.

Hey guys I’m having trouble getting the second loop on this combo. Any tips on how I should be doing it?

Watch the above youtube link?

Yeah I watched it. When I get into the second loop, I would hit to second j. M and always whiff the C. M after that. Usually the character jumps out after the j. M so I’m not able to connect

The answer is the speed, I used to have trouble with it, now it’s incredibly easy. HSD seems to work on a hidden timer, not amount of moves, do the j.Ms as SOON as you can and it’s easiest if you only do one hit, doing this it is very easy to get both loops and 2 full corner loops before doing your ender.

Also you can do the corner loop midscreen, not sure whether you could in vanilla, but that way you can get guaranteed corner carry and 3 loops (can’t get the 4th from midscreen due to tridash time I’m pretty sure) into ender. Buktooth will do slightly more if you do the full 2 buk > 2 corner loops. If you start int he corner you can get 4 corner loops into ender which does slightly more.

Thanks for the advice! I’m starting to land it now, but not quite often. Aww well, I guess thats what practice is for! haha

hello, i am having the same problem, and cant seem to get the j.M going down and connecting to the c.M even with just one j.M
i would appreciate further suggestions

Make sure on the first loop you don’t hit the character when they’re too high as well. That will make you whiff the c.M on the second loop. Also for the loops, try and make the j.M hit only once before H Footdive. Also try and do the combo a little quicker as well.

You want to hit the rising M(1) straight away and delay the addf M(2) a bit.

thanks for the suggestion guys, i got the first loop down and hitting the first j.M quick made a huge diffrence, im just working on delaying my next j.M after the airdash at the right time, i should get it with practice, thanks again :slight_smile: