Having trouble with Hori Wii Fighting Stick PCB "No signal"

So I managed to find a Wii Fighting stick PCB about a month ago and decided to dual-mod it. Since there was no diagram to dictate +5V and GND, I’d assume it would be red and black respectively as the other PSX/360 PCBs were (boy I was wrong).

I go to the button config screen in TvC to see if it reads and it says “no signal” but when removing the Wiimote, it goes back to it’s default option of "easy operation (when the config screen doesn’t detect a stick or controller). All of a sudden, the PCB doesn’t read but the Wiimote part is functional. Whenever the PCB gets plugged in, the “no signal” part doesn’t go up.

Has anyone ever had this problem and if so, what’d you to to fix it?

Please tell me this isn’t the one you just got off of me.
On the Wii stick I took apart (not the one you got from me), power was the red wire and ground was white. The only time I’ve ever seen a black wire in a Wii cable was in a DealExtreme extension cord, which had Black for power, and Orange for ground. If you really want to pin out the existing one, there’s an image of what the cord for the stick would look like in your hand, with a label of each pin, in the PiiWee welcome sheet:
You can use that and a multimeter to figure out what color wire goes to what pin on your specific board pretty easy.

And I think you’ll find it much easier to add a PiiWee to an existing stick than just about any dual mod involving a Hori Wii stick or hacked Classic Controller.

Thanks for the advice Marcus. :tup:

Now since my current problem hasn’t changed, I’m going to assume my PCB is fried right? :sad:

I dont know what you’ve done with it so I can’t say. Frankly, I doubt it. That sort of behavior I saw all of the time when working on the piiwee. The only way to be sure would be to pull out everything else and put the Wii mote cord back in right.