Having trouble with jab reset dash under

After seeing someone do this, I have been trying to get it consistently in training mode. The majority of the time my dash wont cross under after the jab reset. Is this just really strict timing or is their some trick to doing this?

all just timing. no tricks. just pay attention to when you push jab and when it works and when it doesn’t.

the point is you can choose to cross them up or not depending on exactly when you jab. if you jab slightly later (which is hard for the opponent to tell) and dash you won’t go under them. slightly sooner and you will.

so they have to react in time but the entire setup looks almost identical so it’s very hard to determine in such a short period of time and then react. i’m actually going off of my knowledge of oro but im assuming the same principal applies except oro is super flat when he dashes and akuma isn’t so it’s gotta be much earlier.