Having trouble with links

Hi, I just got this game on Tuesday, and I like it, but something’s been bothering me.

Maybe because I haven’t done link combos in fighting games, ever, but trying to nail normal-to-normal links is very difficult for me. I can do normal-to-special move links, and jump-in to standing/crouching normals just fine. I can also do light attack chains and target combos.

In order for me to even pull off normal-to-normal links, I have to hit the buttons multiple times, but even then, that only has a 30% or so success rate. I can’t even do Guy’s cr. mp, s.mp, s.hp, MK Tatsu or Ryu’s cr.mp, cr.mp consistently.

What’s the secret/method to pulling these off? Is there something I don’t know?

It’s practice and timing. Some people time the moves based on visuals, some based on sound and some do it by training their hands to peform the combo at the correct speed each time (muscle memory). Don’t try to hammer it in the hopes of hitting it at the correct frame as you may well pull off moves that you don’t want to or not get the link (as you’ve reported.)

It’s just practice and timing. I drop links more than I want to… You’re only as good as your own limitations, so be sure to use combos that you KNOW you can hit if you intend to win your match, rather than just practice the stuff you don’t know yet.

Does that help?

Edit: Try and find some youtube videos of peoples controllers while they perform links. They’ll help you with timing tremendously.

Good advice. What I try to do is land links on a combination of looking at frames + muscle memory, despite my using one hand to play. One frame links such as Guy’s or Juri’s IIRC jumping RH into st. MK are hard, so only do those if you have exact timing. Another good way to land links is to time the button presses rhythmically in quarter notes, which are 1 beat each. I got that tip from someone here when vanilla was released

You simply need practice. People who are good at their links have practiced those links a lot. Some links are easier than others because they have a greater window for success, and some are easier because the button taps are rhythmic or evenly spaced. Hit up training mode (set dummy to auto block) or challenge mode, and try to hit the link until you get it. If the attack doesn’t come out, you hit it too early. If the dummy blocks, you hit it too late. When you hit the link, try to duplicate exactly what you did to make it work. If you are having a difficult time after many many tries, try doing it another way. Keep in mind your index, middle, and ring fingers are probably your most dexterous. See if there is a rhythm in your head that helps land it, or visible or audible cues that tell you when to do something. If you are trying to land difficult links and aren’t used to that sort of timing, you will spend hours and not minutes on learning it.

Some links are simply very difficult, and you might be better off trying easier ones until you get used to the timing.

Look up plinking to help with some 1-frame links.

The newbie subforum was made for threads like these. There’s a post over there just screaming to be read by you:


Scroll down to “Links” and “Tips for Developing Execution”

The missing plink?

For sure SSFIV is more strict on links, just trying to complete the trials is maddening. I’m not a great player, but I know how to do a link. SFIV was not as hard to do a basic link. I had to turn on the turbo just to do some of them in Super.

Links are the least fun aspect of this game. Play a character that doesn’t rely on them.

Stop playing on a laggy ass HDTV?

Shame on you bro, shame on you.

Leave these boards. You have been nothing but negative this entire time.

Anyways, I came in here expecting for the OP to have noticed that some links have gotten more difficult. Maybe this belongs in the char specific thread, but for me at least I’ve noticed Ken’s s.lp, c.mk link is much more difficult. Maybe it’s all in my head, but I have missed it on numerous occasions at times when I would have never missed it in vanilla.