Having Trouble with Mayflash Super Joy Box 11 and Windows 7 SOLVED WITH PICS...thanks to DanAdamKOF!

Hey guys,

I have been using some old school Capcom SF2 Joypads (they are alot like a Saturn Pad) for MAME for some time now. I have my own stick, but alot of friends like to fight it out with D-Pads, and as D-Pads go, these are great. They are very old, XBOX generation one, and I have been using a Mayflash Super Joybox 10 and Super Joy Box 11 USB adapters for years without trouble (Windows XP OS). I have recently built a new i3 based MAME machine, and installed Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit as the OS. It works great with my arcade sticks, my NES Style retrolink controller - but will not properly install the driver for the Super Joy Box. I don’t want to have to buy new USB D-pads if I don’t have to. Has anyone else had this problem, and know of a fix?

This is the product I have:

I have tried almost everything one can think of to install the drivers, so I thought I would ask some board members.



make sure you are installing drivers for Windows Visa/Win 7. As the older Win XP drivers will not work in Vista and Win 7.
Also Windows 7 has a great feature for finding drivers from the web. Open up your add hardware wizard and allow windows 7 to find drivers from the web.
They will not be the original Mayflash drivers but they should work.

I have the Windows 7 / Vista drivers, and still no go. I also tried the hardware wizard, but it doesn’t even recognize the device… I may just have to say goodbye to these… If anyone has a better plan, please let me know. Thanks Darksakul, I hadn’t tried the wizard, and even though I didn’t have success, I appreciate the response…I have been screwing around with these for hours, so any new idea is appreciated. I tried emailing the company that makes the adapter, but they are all on holidays for Chinese New Year.

So these are for Xbox? Perhaps you could try an straight-through Xbox to USB cable rather than an adapter, and use the homebrew software for it (XBCD is what I used way back when, but there could be something newer) on PC? Xbox controllers use USB just with a different port at the end, no real need for an adapter if you’re OK with the software to run it. Something like this: http://www.videogamecentral.com/xbox-to-pc-usb-controller-converter/ I don’t know the company at all but it’s just an example.

Or build your own, either by wiring up a female Xbox port to a male USB cable, or by modding the pads themselves, by either cracking open the Xbox port’s hood and soldering on a USB to it and have both, or soldering the USB cable to inside the pad, or chopping off the Xbox port entirely and wiring up USB if you’re OK with that. Endless possibilities.

Sucks that your current solution won’t work for you but I don’t think you’re totally screwed :slight_smile:

DanAdamKOF, you rock! I actually just modded the pads (I just did one quick, and will do a better job now that I know it works - and it only cost me the price of two old USB cables! I was able to easily install the XBCD drivers, the whole thing took me about an hour to do altogether - tonight I will go buy some heatshrink and make the job permanent. Awesome man, this kicks ass, and saves me money!

Here are the pictures to prove it! Thanks for the help. I need to use a driver signer ovveride program to make them work with Windows 7 - thanks for sucking Microsoft. However, thannks to Dan’s advice, I salvage my favorite Akuma pads, and can use them with MAME!

Happy to help! And if you ever decide you want to use these on an Xbox again, there are cables that go from USB to Xbox. Actually with the leftovers you could totally make those yourself lol.

Those are some mighty long cables :smiley:

Yeah, I went with 10 footers for the cables…I could have gone with 6, but hopefully I will have a theatre room big enough to warrant them one day…lol

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Dan, I really enjoyed the project, and I love these pads. The total cost for the mods was about $13 for both, and you can’t really get a quality gamepad for PC right now (at least not in the Saturn style anyhow). I also like to have pads so if I want to play stuff like puzzle bobble, I am not damaging my good Happ and Sanwa sticks.