Having trouble with Oni

I know these guys are scrub Onis, but as I am a scrub also i seemed to be having a tough time here, most of oni’s moves seem relatively safe, and what looks punishable is out of range of my cr.hp, or my cr.mk doesn’t come out fast enough. And there isn’t anything in the match up thread on Oni, so any advice would be great.

Probably shoulda posted this in the Matchup Discussion thread. Light slash is -2 on block, others can be punished by cr.hp or st.lk which is really good for this matchup IMO. His light and medium versions of his jumping palm thing are bad, can be punished by cr.mk into whatever but his hard version is -1 on block. It’s so slow though, you can cr.hp on reaction pretty easily.

Not much I can say on Oni to be honest, it’s mostly dependent on the player, just learn to block or even punish EX slashes the right way (if he’s far away from you most likely it will hit in front, if he’s anywhere near you always a crossup) and you’re good to go really.