Having trouble with overhead mk SAIII

I don’t get it. I can do cr.short x 2 into SAIII or cr.mk into SAIII but I can’t buffer the overhead mk into SAIII. Is there some kind of trick I don’t know about?

the mk overhead is not a cancel but a link, so you have to execute it with precise timing, pressing the kick button right when the overhead animation ends. Drumming all the kick buttons helps.
And it connects ONLY if the overhead hits a crouching character.

Have to be real quick too, I think you only have 1 frame to actually get the super out.

I do the overhead kick and while it is coming out do continuous qcf. Then when I see there head snap back drum the kick buttons. I rarley ever miss that link. I have more trouble on short short super for some reason.

holy shit! The character has to be crouching? No wonder that shit never works; i’ve been doing it on standing Ryu this whole time. So I actually have to do that pianoning thing that Thongboy talked about in his video…Thanks a lot people.
does this apply to the other overhead (the f+RH i think?)
And is it useful to cancel far standing mk to b + mk?

They don’t have to be crouching for UOH into super.
but they do have to crouch for backMK super.
they do have to be crouching for f+HK into super as well.

Drumming helps out a LOT. Most players don’t understand how this is useful. Here’s a diagram.

X is where you input a command
( ) is where you can input the super

X----------------( )------------

The first X is where you input the b+mk overhead. If you input only ONE super input, you must be very precise. If you input before the ( ), your super was too early and won’t come out. If it was after that window, your super will be blockable.

Now if you input multiple points, it will look something like this,

X------X—X---X-( XXX )-------------

This is assuming you hk, mk, lk, then relesease all by using negative edge. Now you have a lot of chances…especially if you time it right or slightly early.

oh alright thanks. I didn’t think I really needed to learn this drumming…but i’ll give it a try.

The drumming or negative edge is explained through many pretty clips in Thongboy’s vid. try to get hold of it if possible if you don’t already.

How can I get ahold of it?


I seem to be better off with precise timing rather then drumming. I barely miss links.


try doing the cr.short x 2 then do a qcf and instead of comin bak into another qcf jus keep goin in a 360 around the joystick into another qcf then drumm all the kicks and it should work cuz i do it 2 ppl all the time

if you have trouble with short short shippu or b+forward shippu… stop playing ken. :tup:

I tried Ryu, and someone advised me to stick with Ken after seeing me play with him:/

i’d like to know if the distance plays an important role for the b+mk sa3 link.

i think the uoh and f+hk into sa3 links are much easier but need to be done at max range.

so what about the b+mk?

i like do dash in on a sweeped oponent then poke with certain pokes to get the exact distance.
cLP,cMP uoh sa3 works real good especially if you mix the uoh with cMK sa3.
do you know other setups like that for the other overheads to make it easier to connect the super?

UOH needs to be done at max range, :r::hk: I dunno anything about and :l::mk: should combo at any distance.

b+mk -> shippu does not combo at max distance… at least not on most characters.

its possible to do on standing character…its all about distance.
a lot of things are possible with over heads…if the guy is recovering from ground and u do overhead at right time, its possible to do the s.mp s.hp thing into super. (12 hits total)