Having Trouble With Resets

So I’ve been trying to level up a few things, mainly working OSs and resets into my play, and I’m having a pretty hard time with the resets. I get the initial cross-up in doing something like EX tatsu > j.lk > walk under, but then when I go for the jab string I just eat a reversal regardless of who I’m facing, or if I go for the throw it whiffs or gets teched even at times where I feel that I did a great job of not telegraphing it(this is probably just getting OS’d I guess).

Any tips or ideas where I’m going wrong?

Your best option after a reset is meaty cr.lk/meaty lk tatsu/bait for reversal. I wouldn’t really throw as people tend to tech as a natural response to things.

It’s just down to you reading your opponent if they’re gonna DP

Ex tatsu j.lk is a good reset midscreen, it’s more ambiguous than other resets midscreen albeit lacking in damage.

Ex tatsu, walk up cr.hp and hold left/right to pick a side in the corner is a nice reset.

Ex tatsu, a late j.hk is another nice corner reset.

Personally, I’m not a fan of resets, I only use them every once in a blue moon, I prefer the benefits you get off otoshi x 2, lvl 3 meaty hado into a setup

i totally gave up on the ex tatsu > jab reset, mainly because so many sakura players use this reset, too many that even my grandma does it.
All other higher level players, or players with experience already know how to deal with this setup and over 80% of sakura players would attack instead of bait after the jab, plus it’s actually extremely easy to see which side you r on.
Being a sakura player it just comes down to reading your opponent, and being read.

I wouldn’t recommend the ex tatsu > jab setup mainly because there are much more options that has advantage than this.

What i usually do after a ex tatsu is to front dash > early or late j.hp, the later you press your punch more chances are you will land behind them, and the harder for them to see, and if you can land this reset and u catch them not blocking the right way u can go for another same reset combo but this time land on the opposite side, you cant believe how many times i hv made comebacks with almost no hp with this combo. Depending on which character you are playing against, usually after 2 reset combos and one or few normal they will get stunned. using front dash > j.mp is also good since it looks like you will land behind but u will land in front.

But don’t rely heavily on reset combos as they will only work once or twice in higher level games.
I only do resets when I am lower health than my opponent and need to make a come back, otherwise, it’s far better to end your ex tatsu in otoshi x2 or (x3 with a safe jump afterwards) or sweep with different setups to maintain your momentum.

Lastly, one last piece of advice, and i do believe this is an essential key for higher end sakura players…
Do not abuse ex tatsu and learn to end your combo with srk, as ex tatsu will always lose one meter, srk will let you GAIN meter, meters are extremely important and its not meant to be wasted, for situations like getting out with ex.srk, and FADC. It will also make your opponent to think twice of what to do on your wake up, which can lead to your advantage if you can read them.
Another advantage of ending your combo with srk is that there are so many more setups you can do, such as safe jump j.hk > lk. tatsu to catch cr.techs, or j.hk > block strings / combos, or just bait reversals > punish, or just jump and cr.lk > whatever, or just empty jump throw
only use ex.tatsu to regain momentum or to make comebacks, or when you think your opponent can read you too well, otherwise stick to srk
just my 2 cents

Now that I’m actually reading the crap you’re saying… Oh boy.

  1. ( cr.lk/meaty lk tatsu/bait for reversal) So, you’d do this to… what exactly? After you do the tatsu, all you can do is block or risk getting DP’ed. And if you don’t get DP’ed you’d get grabbed. Anybody with some skill would know that they can easily tech the moment they land. The tech will come out as an Option Select.
    a) Sakura does her tatsu and blocks. Because you’re hold back/down and grab, it’ll throw a punch or kick which turns into a poke. Could possibly be followed up by a grab.

b) Sakura does her tatsu and grabs afterward. Because you’re holding back/down and grab, you tech (like you mentioned).

c) Sakura does her tatsu and DPs/Pokes. Because you’re holding back/down and grab, you just block.

  1. This works, but it needs a follow up. After you do this reset, you can walk to the underside of the opponent, you can jump back, you can jump up. Many different options with this. You’re right about the poor damage, but it’s a good mix up!

  2. This could work. A bit risky though. It could trap you in the corner, which would put you at the disadvantage.

  3. Why late? If you do it late with a j.HK, they could land before you could do you follow up. It’ll give them the frame advantage. That is a bad idea.

There are multiple ways to do a good reset. I reset all the time.

  1. Ex tatsu, dash forward, cl.LP. [Options: a) dash forward will put you on other side. b) begin with cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.HP, ex tatsu starts another combo]

  2. Ex tatsu, dash forward, j.HP. [Options: a) j.HK can confuse blocking opponents. b) begin with cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.HP, ex tatsu starts another combo]

  3. Ex tatsu, [delay], dash forward, j.HP. [Options: a) On shotokens it will put you on the other side of your opponent. Start off with cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.HP, ex tatsu starts another combo]

  4. Ex tatsu, j.lp [Options: a) Will allow you to walk on the other side of your opponent.]

  5. Ex tatsu, j.HK [Options: a) Will allow you to land before your opponent does and thus gives you the frame advantage]


Well what can you do after a reset if you’re not gonna do meaty cr.lk or meaty tatsu or block. The meaty tatsu hits them if they’re attempting to tech you after the reset into a very damaging CH combo.

Why would you jump up and back after a reset though? That’s just giving up momentum and asking for a DP if you jump up.

The late j.hk reset in the corner allows Sakura to land in behind but “teleport” out in front of the opponent. It’s a very nasty reset. Plus you do land before the opponent and you have the advantage.


  1. It can’t beat a DP. It’s pointless doing it after reset.

  2. You’d jump back to avoid a DP. You forget, many people can FADC out of their DP after hit confirm. Jumping out the way allows them to whiff.

  3. I saw the vid. I then tried it out. I didn’t know you meant the combo reset done like that. However, it’s only good in the corner. I don’t really see a lot of Sakuras doing this because you’ve gotta be pretty close for it to work.

  1. Well obviously, this applies to all pressure-related situations, you just have to know when to block and when to advance.

  2. Or just walk back a bit and bait and get a proper punish combo going instead of giving up momentum by jumping back and possibly being hit by DP anyway by jumping back.

  3. It’s off ex tatsu in the corner, it’s not like that is a rare situation.

EX tatsu, jump forward HP, land and jump forward again
for baiting reversals

I love resets! I swear im addicted to using them lol! Here are a couple to use that always work 4 me…

NOTE This is after Ex Tatsu

  1. dash then j.hk/hp you’ll land in front…
  2. early j.hk/j.hp you can pick were u land…

Use these two and follow up wit either st.mk do a dash to tatsu or dash to a throat. Or throw or just block.

p.s. you can also neutral jump or jump back hk. This works well against gief rufus and t hawk. also against chun because she will ex bird to stop it and the neutral will hit her head. i also do neutral tatsu over chun and it hits her out of it also…

Have any vids to show in detail? I’m highly interested in seeing how these work.


^I like the special effects on EX tatsu, I found it very amusing.

Why don’t you plink?

He plays on a pad.

Me too, but… Not for long.

yup ps2 controller

OMG! You’re nuts!

For Sakura, you would need to plink HP and that’s simple enough on pad really. I play on Xbox pad (learning stick though, frustrating) and plinking HP isn’t that bad since you have easy access to the bumper and the face buttons at the same time (assuming you use default setup)

Plinking mp/mk, now that’s awkward.

What different button combinations can you plink with?

You can plink HP with any other button apart from HK. I find it easier to plink with MP or LK since it’s nicely positioned on a pad.

Like you can plink mp with any button except for mk and the strenghts above it (HP and HK)

I think this is correct anyway