Having trouble with se mod joystick

Hi, I just followed the directions on the thread that guides you on how to mod it (which was really useful by the way, thanks to whoever did it). I tried the stick out and the buttons are fine but the joystick isn’t working at all.
I ordered a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Joystick, so I didn’t have to do that switcharoo thing for the connector. I plugged in the connector as I was supposed to.
The reason I mod’d (or is it modded? mod’d looks better) it in the first place was the original Joystick went crazy. If I pressed left, it would do an attack, and if I pressed another direction it would do something else. I wish I could take a picture and show you guys so you can have a clear picture but I honestly followed everything exactly as I was supposed to.
If anyone might have an idea as to why it might not be working I would really really appreciate it. I should have have just bought a tournament edition stick in the first place, ugh!

Err…check the control panel up on the top left side…i think your stick is set to “RA” Right Analog, instead of “DP” D-Pad.

Ha that could be it.

I am a damn idiot. Lmao! I didn’t even know it had that feature. It just goes to show kids… ya gotta read. At least it motivated me to get this thing mod’d (I’m sticking with mod’d). I know it was a really simple solution but thanks a lot guys, appreciate the help.