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Im having trouble doing a jet upper from a crouching attack, how did you guys train your thumbs on a PS3 controller (getting a stick when i can afford it), to actually do a jet upper after a crouching combo, i can do jet uper just fine from a standing attack or regularly, but i have trouble doing it from a crouching position. what motion’s do you guys go through? any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, how many Dudley’s out there have trained with a metrenome to learn link combos. if you have can you let me know what tempos you use for certain link combos? THanks

Well if you want to use the shortcut motions. You can hold d/f then do your crouching attack, buffer the d and back to d/f to get the jet upper from a crouching attack.

Having trouble with…

people who keep making their own fucking threads when there is a Q&A thread

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Well I mean, regardless it’s just doing the motion incredibly quickly. But remember that Jet Upper is not like Shoryuken. It can’t be used as an immediate response for things. I forgot the start up but Jet Upper has a slower start up than Shoryuken so using it as a wake up response or an immediate response to break a combo may not work. It’s risky.

Next time make sure to post in the Q&A thread though.

Also only ex has invincibility, no?

Yes, Ex Jet Upper has invincibility. It also has a 1 frame start up much like Shoryuken. So you can use it as a wake up. But once again, if you do miss it’s just like if a Shoto misses a H. shoryuken. You’re going to get punished if blocked. It’s great for people who like to stand beside you on wake up and jump so you can’t grab when you stand up though.