Having troubles. Easy question


Hey guys :smiley: Got a question! (probably won’t be my last either haha)

So I’m sitting here (at 2 a.m. mind you) trying to wrap my head around how to go about making a stick from scratch (as in no TE or base stick to mod off of). No problem right… I’m going for a tek case with mc cthulu, imp 2, 360 pcb. No problems right? I believe I’m shooting for something like this: http://i730.photobucket.com/albums/ww301/rtdzign/MapleWithBalls/DSC03329-1.jpg

Well here’s where I am stuck, I seem to be bouncing around the same three threads trying to figure this out, with no avail. I could be just dumb, so I apologize.

Here’s where my question comes (might be easier with the following picture)

Now, please correct me if I’m wrong.
The Stuff highlighted in BLUE is where the actual Seimitsu buttons will be wired correct?
The stuff highlighted in RED is where the 360 PCB will be wired correct?
Now I’m a little bit confused about the green area. One part of me is leaning towards it’ll be connected to the CAT5 (as represented in this http://i730.photobucket.com/albums/ww301/rtdzign/MapleWithBalls/DSC03329-1.jpg). The other part of me is thinking it should be connected to the Imp v2… (as suggested in this http://i730.photobucket.com/albums/ww301/rtdzign/RJ-45%20Dual%20Mod/MCCthulhuImpv2360rj45diagram.jpg)

Which one is it?? I’m going in circles here trying to figure it out… I thought I had it all figured out (in my head) until I got to this.


edit: nope


The Imp in you pic is the Imp v1. Imp V2 is way different

http://godlikecontrols.com/ you can find the imp v2 there along with instruction sheet.

edit - follow this for best results


so… I wire up the VCC and GABCDEFV (from the imp) to the corresponding ones on the Cthulu… then I wire the the Imp to my CAT5 which goes to the neutrik?

edit: how come the first picture you posted does not have an RJ45 jack and the second one does?


first question is correct

The reason the picture is different because the Imp V2 does not come with the RJ45 jack you have order along with the board some people go with just two system compatibility (360/PS3) so they use a usb jack instead of RJ45 it has a spot on the imp for both options


I don’t even use the RED.
It is there as alternative and to confuse people.

I just solder to the underside of BLUE.
When needed, I will use Screw Terminal for Joystick and Button.

You saw one of my pictures that I did not solder to RED.
I wired Xbox 360 PCB to bottom pin of the BLUE.
I connected Arcade Parts to Screw Terminal.

If you want, you can even use Screw Terminal for both the Dual Mod and Arcade Parts.
Or if you want, BLUE can go to Xbox 360, then from Xbox 360, wire to parts.


thank you JDM… but the way I have it now would work right? I’m just trying to make sure I have this all right in my head


for real? you can use the screw terminal for BOTH? That eliminates A LOT of soldering! Woohoo