Having trubles with crossup ultra 2 setups



After seeing some setups I decided to go to the lab and teste them but I’ve only made work the shoto corner one (makoto cornered,backthrow jump forward attack MK ultra 2), every midscreen setup whiffs completly,for example this one
the ultra just whiffs,any advice?


Ultra 2 changed in AE this setup don’t work anymore we have to find new one. But this is really risky if the opponent just Backdash U2 whiff and gives an easy punish


well, all I can say about that is that cross up or unblockable ultra 2 is definitely still there in 2012. my opponents have caught me with ultra 2 on wake up even though I was blocking and vice versa. I’ve had people message me, “what happened? I was blocking,” several times.

I really wish I knew what the conditions were to get it though, I miss those setups in super.


Most of the accidental cross U2 I get these days are from this specific situation :

I’m cornered, people try to bait me doing U2 and walk back so they can block it and punish and then U2 cross them up.

I still like to use the EX Oroshi > neutral jump MP > U2 sometimes, even if it’s not a real cross up setup anymore. It makes people panic because they expect something crazy like unblockable ultra or something, and they either try to get away from it ( and get hit ) or reversal which can be punished by just doing the LK Ultra.
That’s probably my stupidest trick, but heh…


yes, I’ve gotten mk ultra 2 to cross up opponents when I’m cornered on my wake up! I’ve gotten it almost full screen on their wake up but I’m not sure how…