Havitz Sale/Trading Forum HTC ONE X, b15 arcade stick, SFXT & UMVC3 Xbox360!


Hello! I am selling a few items I don’t use anymore! from cell phones to games!

I can supply photos of any items and accept paypal verified and will ship same day!

b15 Joker Stick I got this off SRK it’s Dual modded and LED modded and has use… I am asking
$235 shipped will trade for a hori fighting edge or hori vlx

An HTC ONE X still in box! only powered on and used for a day!
asking $450 shipped OBO SOLD(EBAY)

PS Vita w/ Mortal Kombat and UMVC3** SOLD to Marquezsf**

And SFXT(Missing book) UMVC3(SOLD) JUST SFXT $23 SHIPPED**.**

Just post what you want or any offers and/or PM Me!

Thanks for looking!


Curious what didn’t you like about it? Also which version is it? Global 32GB (3G) or One XL 16GB (LTE)?


One XL 16GB (LTE AT&T)

Just an apple man



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Bump, Open to offers!


Anyone interested at all?!(I am guessing not!) Going on Ebay tomorrow if no one wants!


Big update!



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What happened to the black One X?


Looking to trade for another stick?


Never had a black one it was the same white one!

What kind of stick?


does the vita come with a memory card?


Ah ok, was confused. Last pic was a black one with an HTC logo on front.
Wish I had money…


i have multiple sticks but i was thinking my b15 for yours, but my b15 is multiconsole, but i would like to see more pics of your b15 before i actually commit to anything


Yes it has an 8gb memory card

Alright what is your theme? And what other photoswould you like?


Photos of the bottom, and where the cable is… Mine is this one:
LEDs: [media=youtube]gC8pX5z6yzA[/media]



Yeha I am interested in the stick I do perfer the 3 button layout! What pictures of mine did you want?

Also! PS Vita Sold to marquezsf!


Bump! Interested in a larger arcade stick get at me


Bump! Open to trades let me know!


I thought u had to lower the prices after every bump, not sure though.
Some of the prices when this thread started looked like regular store prices not street price.