Havnt played a fighting game since SSF2T, picking up SFxT where do I start?

I have not played a fighting game since SSF2T and, Tekken 3 I think was the last one I really played. On friday Im am going to pick up SFxT for the ps3 and I really have no idea where to begin. Any help would be awesome. Thanks ahead of time.

SRK should be putting up a SFxT super guide any day now, that might be a great place to start. Or pick up the brady guide, I hear it’s suppose to be quite informative.

I never even would have thought of picking up the brady guide for a fighting game. Thanks, I will look into it.

Also be sure to check out various tutorials scattered all over youtube about the game. Everyone from Finger Cramp to Maximillian is covering everything to do about the game, from basic engine mechanics and the gems system, to full on character tutorials and breakdowns.

I have no idea who Maximillian or Finger Cramp are. I just found this site less then a week ago after looking up stuff so I could get back in. I am looking them up right now. Thank you.


That’s one part of Finger Cramp’s character guides. This one is about Ryu and Balrog, but if you look at the suggestion box, you should see a series of “REHAB” videos, that cover other characters. If you dig around, they’ll go over basic mechanics as well.

Max has a ton of breakdown videos and matches of SFxT as well. Should get you started.